Unchopped #4: T Rex School

I bring you another loosely scheduled installment of UNCHOPPED. The cotton balls used in the last scene made their way into this one in the form of a bad guy who bombs you with extra fluffy cotton balls, the Cotton Bomber. What I love most though is this storyline about Wexter returning to 4th grade with his dad so he can finish school. This was the element that made me love this story. Our dad dropped out of highschool and ended up going back and finishing later in life. I assume that inspired this idea in Malachai’s head at the time.

Speaking of Malachai, he is 12 years old as of yesterday, so happy birthday little brother. He is singularly obsessed with video games now, just as I was at that age. We chatted and were fantasizing about an Axe Cop video game. It really would be the greatest game ever made if done right.

Thanks for reading, and if you know any game companies who want to make the greatest video game ever, send me a message.

4 thoughts on “Unchopped #4: T Rex School

  1. Thank you, Ethan, for making my day with Wexter and his Dad!
    Congratulations on Malachi turning 12! Best wishes!
    …they grow up so fast!

    P.S. What videogames is Malachi playing? Jonathan was playing Skyrim, but is now into Borderlands and Borderlands 2 at the moment.

  2. I think the Axe Cop video game should be a Toys brought to Life game like Disney Infinity, Lego Dimensions, and Skylanders are today, or make it more like Saints Row since it could be the perfect chaotic open world game like the saints row franchise has been for years, it could also be a little more like platinum games since PG makes the best beat em’ up games in various visual styles, maybe UbiArt Framework should make a side scrolling beat em’ up version of axe cop with a grayscale toned black and white comic style reminiscent to the Eastman-Laird visual style, oh so many potential possibilities.

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