Official AXE COP Motion Comic Debut!

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Axe Cop's got an official motion comic now, and it's awesome.  Check it out below, and please pass it along to your friends.

We are hoping to get one of these made for every episode of Axe Cop and Ask Axe Cop.  It is all volunteer and made by people who simply love Axe Cop.  I try to be involved only as an over-seer but I stay focused on making new strips.
Speaking of new strips, Axe Cop #9 was due out today, but instead I released this, which I was going to release tomorrow, but I eneded up being so behind on #9 I switched and released this today instead. 
If you have after effects skills and think you could be involved in the creation of another Axe Cop motion comic, send me a message at and send me a sample of your work.  Big thanks to the guys involved in making this possible:
Animation and score by
Dylan Marvin

Narrator: Bob Souer

Axe Cop: David DeAndrea

Flute Cop: Lee Gordon

Axe Cop theme song by Step Dad




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