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Hey friends of Axe Cop,

I do intend to get you a new episode here, but today marks my first road block in the adventure of creating a comic with a 5 year old in control.  Basically, I just don't have enough info out of Malachai to really make today's episode solid, so I do not feel like I should finish it and post it until I can get him interested in talking about it again.  I think maybe him seeing that there is no new episode up will help, but as you can imagine, he has to want to do it, or it is no fun.  Last time I called him he was engrossed in a video game and did not want to talk.

So hold tight, if I can get it figured out today and get you a new episode I will, but it will probably be up later tonight.  If not, it will probably come out on Monday.  We'll see what happens here.  Sorry for the delay but them's the rules of Axe Cop.  Once Malachai stops writing, we stop reading.


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