Mother of Axe Cop’s Children

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In today's Ask Axe Cop episode we find out if Axe Cop would ever have kids…



(spoilers) So I liked the timing of this comic, since we just found out about Sockarang going bad in the Axe Cop story, we now find out here how close of a friend Sockarang is to Axe Cop.  He is such a good friend that Axe Cop would marry him if he was a woman.  What I love here is how Malachai is basically turning is best friend into a wife.  He doesn't get why you need two sexes… but he figures rather than find some new girl to marry, just turn your friend into a girl.  The fact that he picked the most hideous and disturbing character out of the bunch (Sockarang) only makes it more hilarious.  We can also see that Axe Cop does not know about Sockarang's 2 new horns, so he only depicts him with the one horn in this hypothetical about having kids.

Another classic Axe Cop moment if you ask me.


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