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The amount of love for Ralph Wrinles has been somewhat shocking, but I love it.  There is a story about Ralph Wrinkles I will share, but after I provide the link to today's episode of Ask Axe Cop, in which we find out what might happen is Ralph Wrinkles owned a space ship and a robot army.



Ralph Wrinkles, as I have mentioned on the Facebook page at times, is based on a toy dog I gave Malachai for Christmas the year before the Christmas we shall now forever know as the Year of the Cop.  I usuall give each of my younger siblings a few presents, and on this occasion I was in the middle of moving down to LA and throwing out all sorts of stuff I didn't need.  I am kind of a horder.  Well I had this stuffed dog puppet who had been sitting in closets since I was a child.  I got him for Christmas when I was 6.  He was a “Wrinkles” brand dog and so I named him Ralph, but I always called him Ralph Wrinkles.  I assumed that Wrinkles was the last name of any Wrinkles dog, and so whatever you named this dog, he or she would be of the Wrinkle family name.


So Ralph was my best stuffed friend for a few years when I was the age Malachai is now.  Malachai kept the name Ralph Wrinkles, and when we were working on Axe Cop he decided he wanted Ralph Wrinlkles to be Axe Cop's police dog.  Of course the family has a real dog named Rofie (full name is Rofie Star… one sister wanted to name it Rofie, the other Star, so they combined the two).  But poor Rofie got overshadowed by Ralph Wrinkles and now Ralph is the big hero of the Axe Cop series. 


There is your history of Ralph Wrinkles.  When I visit Malachai in a month or so I hope to take a picture of us and Ralph to share here.  He's a been a good friend to both of us.



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