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Today's episode of Ask Axe Cop is all about diet and choices about life.


As a special little look into the making of this one, I am including this link to an mp3 of the conversation we had about this question.  I have been recording most of our comnversations but this one was pretty nice and tidy and also shows what I kept and what I left.  For instance… Malachai answered the question for Ghost Cop and for Dinosaur soldier.  His answer for Dinosaur Soldier was so hilarious that I chose it over Ghost Cop. 

Here is the file:  The Making of Ask Axe Cop #25


I hope to do more of those.  I wish I had the one from the Abraham Lincoln episode, but that was on my cell phone and not through my computer where I can record. 


Anyway, we are in the midst of working on the next story.  I should have you a new Ask Axe Cop on Wednesday.  Also, be sure to read the previous couple blogs that went up over the weekend if you missed them about changes with the store.



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