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Another slice of Axe Cop's childhood.  Today we find out who raised Axe Cop after he and Flute Cop's parents were brutally slain (see Axe Cop 0 if you didn't know about that). 



If you did not read yesterday's blog entry, do!  We are releasing our Wexter on the Moon print tomorrow as soon as the new episode goes up (around 2pm pacific time most likely).  So if you want to get one of the first 25 signed by Malachai and me, it may be wise to be watching the site.


Other than that, Curtana made a bunch more icons and they are now up on the downloads page.  If you use one and enjoy it, send her a thankyou on her page.


Also, a reminder that there will be no Friday episode this week, and starting next week I will be going down to a 3 episode a week schedule to give me more time to write with Malachai.  I will be driving up to see Malachai for a month, so I need to spend as much of that time as I can writing with him, I can do all the drawing later.  I'll have to play it by ear.  You will get less Axe Cop for a while, but it's all for more in the future.  I should say that there will most likely be no new episode up Monday either.  It is a long drive for me, it will take a couple days and I need to see some friends along the way.  It's the great Axe Cop road trip.


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