Wexter on the Moon coming Wednesday!

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Hey head choppers!  This is a big week…  I have a lot to talk about, but first let's get to today's episode.



Now, you may remember the Wexter project from blogs gone by.  Well, FINALLY it is done.  The very talented Jamie Noguchi was kind enough to take on the task of coloring this beast and he did a lot of work.  He sent me this file a while back.



Me, being the picky control freak I am, went ahead and did some more work on it.  This file is so huge it literally took 10-15 minutes to save every time I habitually hit CTRL S, so it has been quite a project.  I finally called it good this weekend.  Here it is with all the final touches I added:



You may see only my signature is on that one- Jamie forgot to sign his work so I am having him send it to me. 


We are starting a new line of prints soon in the store.  They will be more spendy then anything we have sold yet, but these will be very high quality art prints that you can frame and hang on good long-lasting paper.  We will be selling a limited run of 150 of these prints numbered.  The first 25 will be signed by both Malachai and I, and will cost extra.  This will be the first time we have sold anything signed by both Malachai and myself, and because of the amount of shipping it around and the fact that Malachai is not going to be real keen on writing his name over and over we are keeping the limit on these low.


These prints will go on sale on Wednesday when I release the new episode, so stay tuned if you are interested in buying them.  They will be for sale in the Axe Cop Art Shop.


Fair warning… I will be taking Friday off this week.  On Friday I will be starting my road trip up to see Malachai and spend a month with him so that we can hang out and write the most epic Axe Cop adventure yet.  There are more details about this project I can't really divulge yet, but it's going to be awesome.  For now, I just need to warn you that I will need to switch the release schdule down to 3 ays a week during my visit so I can make plenty of time to work with Malachai.  I am even have to do less, but we will play it by ear.  I am lookng forward to the opportunities being there will afford, since this is my first visit since Christmas when we actually made Axe Cop.  We will probably do a new video together and maybe do a live ustream broadcast and answer questions.  More on that as it develops, just rest assured Axe Cop fans are in for some great stuff.


So stay tuned for the Wexter print and more.  I will also post a desktop wallpaper of this image later this week as well.  Thanks for reading Axe Cop!!



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