Happy Mother’s Day

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Mother's Day is this Sunday, so to celebrate we learn a little more about what a great mother Gobber Smartist is.



I apologize to any babies out their who may have been offended by this episode.  Malachai's obsession with babies was in full swing the day I asked him this question.  It does make Axe Cop a little more creepy to know that eating babies was part of his childhood… though in the conversation with Malachai he did say something about these being food babies and not normal babies.  I am not really sure what the distinction is.  Of course we did know that he was willing to eat a pear baby but that was only if they threatened to enslave mankind. 


A note on the note to our moms at the bottom of the page.  “I love you too much” is something Malachai says to me when we say good buy.  It has to be the cutest thing a kid can say.  It's also funny because it implies that I really don't deserve it and he needs to not love me so much, yet it still turns out to be about the sweetest thing a person could say.


In other news, if you didn't already know, CHOP CAST episode 2 is now up! 


There was also a great write up on Axe Cop at Stumptown Trade Review.

I should have some new stuff available in the Axe Cop Art Shop over the weekend, including some new prints and stuff.  Hopefully anyway.  Life never ceases to get in the way of getting more Axe Cop stuff done.  Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow as Baby Man's duck pursuit reaches a new level.



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