Ask Axe Cop #89 – Law & Order Part 1

If you have seen me at any recent conventions (since San Diego), you will recognize some of this page and especially the next part.  I present to you: the laws of President Axe Cop.  This episode mostly focuses on what Axe Cop does about jobs and poverty.  I did my best to explain to Malachai the conundrum of politics, and the two sides of the issue… that if you give people too much free money they will not work and earn their own, but sometimes people really do need financial help, so you have to decide who gets free money and how much.  But then of course you have to have some honor about it because otherwise you are just buying votes.  He took it from there and came up with the “love they neighbor law” and the job shock collar.

Well I had a great time in Leeds, and an awesome Thanksgiving in Nashville.  You guys seem to be enjoying Revenge on Rainbow Girl, and so am I.  I think Tom is doing some awesome work.

Amazingly… yesterday I received an email from myself from 6 years ago.  I apparently was up at about 4am on Dec. 4th 2007 and came across a link to a site called “” and sent myself an email talking about where my life was at and my hopes for the future, as well as some advice for myself.  At the time, I lived in a small attic above a garage.  My band had recently broken up and I was pretty lonely.  I was making very little money because it was my first year really trying to be self employed.  I was just starting to work on Chumble Spuzz vol. 2 and at the time I don’t know if I knew I was going to move to California soon.  I had a horrible sleep schedule… I would stay up all night until 10:00am, then sleep until 6 or 7p.m., totally avoiding the sun.  I drew a TON but I had no idea if it would amount to anything.  In the message I reminded myself to keep in touch with my family, do your best to be a regular part of Malachai’s life, and the lives of my sisters, as well as my other brothers and my parents.  It was so weird to get this email from a version of me who had no idea what he was in for.  Crazy.  I teared up a little as I read it, mostly because I know that guy was painfully lonely and I have never been happier now, married and living in a home with a family, able to provide for them with my income from drawing comics.  I really am in the midst of a dream come true.

Last weekend, season one of Axe Cop ended on FOX.  Axe Cop is not over yet, but we will be in a season break for a while.  If you saw the “Best Fairy Ever” episode, Axe Cop sings the song “Chicken Little” in his band.  The folks at ADHD asked if I could get Malachai to sing how the song would go, so I asked him to call me up and leave a voice mail singing Chicken Little as he heard it in his head.  This is what he recorded.

That’s all I’ve got this week.  Thanks for reading!



18 thoughts on “Ask Axe Cop #89 – Law & Order Part 1

  1. That’s an awesome an encouraging story about the email. I enjoy reading in your posts about what’s going on in your life more than the actual comic.

  2. I loved the latest Axe Cop episodes–for some reason though, my favorite part was the bit in The Best Fairy Ever episode where the jewel thief is trying on all the jewlery he stole. I’ve never thought of that before, and thought it was brilliant.

  3. If only getting jobs were that easy, I could actually get a job that I liked but that paid me actual money! Right now, I’m doing two jobs – one for $ and one I like, and I would really love to scale down a bit. Tell Malachai to get on that for me and I’ll bake him an Axe Cop cake (yeah, that’s the job I like.)

  4. Haven’t seen the “Best Fairy Ever” episode, but i love Malachi’s Chicken Little screamo/death metal vibe with the short ballad interlude about the fox. it’s like chicken little has a glimmer of hope…that the fox will listen to him and-maybe, just maybe-show a little love…but then the fox tries to eat him! Just as many artists weave their own lives into their work, Chicken Little is almost a metaphorical song of axe cop’s love life…just when he finds the right girl-DANGER! ALIENS! FIGHT!

    so dramatic. so dramatic. it’s perfect.

    i think i’ll go watch that episode now.

  5. Agreed on everything Sean McGowan said, both posts. Your story throughout all this has been the truly inspiring tale, and Axe Cop is “merely” the backdrop for something awesome that has happened in a person’s life. I think I’m gonna go pay that site a visit… it seems like a great idea.

  6. That is so great how they were able to turn those pieces of Malachai’s demo into a real song.

    I’d still like to hear Tim Wille’s version of it though, since I missed it when it was online, and is no help due to robots.txt.

  7. Hey. I know it’s early on but any idea if there will be a DVD? I would eat that up. Especially if it has behind the scenes stuff and maybe commentary?

  8. It has been so great to keep up with everything going on with Axe Cop these past few years. I’ve really enjoyed your and Malachai’s work and how you’ve let us see how everything is developing for you behind the scenes.

    It is so refreshing, in this age of cynicism, to simply enjoy a good story. Thank you for that good story you’ve shared–in your comic, and behind it.

  9. I think the question about laws (The first one) actually might have been my question, but I’m not sure. Can someone tell me. Because if my question’s been answered, that’s the coolest thing to ever happen to me. But Michael’s a pretty common name. Can anyone help me out?

  10. I like the Idea of the job shock collar. On one hand, it would make some businesses smell like electric hobo. On the other hand, it would be a great way to recharge lazy batteries. I think the benefits outweigh the costs.

  11. I got to hear both versions of the song — beginning and final — and loved them both! I started with the show, so I’m going backwards by watching, then reading, but I love it all! I just saw Gray Diamond for the first time, a few “Ask Axe Cop” questions back c:

    Do you still do any Ask Axe Cop comics…? I’d like to ask something if you do.. :3 ♥

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