Ask Axe Cop #108: Gettin’ Fancy

I’m on vacation this week and next! Heading back to my old stomping grounds, Lakeside/Coos Bay/North Bend Oregon. If you live anywhere close enough, you really ought to come to my Axe Cop event in Coos Bay on the 16th. See the trailer for it below.

I’m going to take a break next week, but I’ll post something to keep you entertained. Thanks for reading!



Songster #7 – Origin of the Songster part 2

Hear the full song here.

I’m headed off on a trip to Oregon for about two weeks here, so I will be skipping a week after next week. If any of you want to send me a guest comic, I might be inclined to post it during that time. Email me if you are interested: [email protected]

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If you are anywhere near the small town of Coos Bay, Oregon on the 16th of March, stop by the Egyptian Theater. This is my home town and I will be having Axe Cop Night, where I will do a little presentation about creating Axe Cop and showing 6-8 of my favorite episodes.

Huge thanks to Parry Gripp for making such sweet music for this project. I can’t wait until it is all done and we have the coolest comic/album ever.

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Ask Axe Cop #107: How to Practice Humility

I love this one because I love seeing Axe Cop deal with the mundane. People who are far too confident in mediocre work are something you come across a lot more often than super villains in day to day life. Most of us aren’t insane enough to challenge them to a back alley axe fight though.

These prints have arrived! These are hand-screen printed 16×20 on heavy stock. They have a real hand made look to them. The screen prints lose detail in the process, so I personally go back over each one and draw details back into the print using micron pens and a brush pen, making every one of the completely unique.

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Here’s an article about the project I have been working on with Make a Wish for the last four years. I can’t believe it has been that long. I’ll post more about that on my Patreon page (where you can also get Axe Cop comics a week in advance and in high resolution. I also have a tutorial on lettering and using Sketchup to help with backgrounds.)

And thanks to everyone who came by my booth at ECCC. This was my first con in years! I was very encouraged by the response I got.  I was only there for a day and a half but I sold a good amount of stuff and saw a lot of enthusiasm about both Axe Cop and Bearmageddon. I have been feeling like maybe love for Axe Cop had dwindled, but it turns out that the show has brought about a whole new crop of fans who just needed to find out that there were comics to read. I think I need to do more conventions!


Songster #6: Origin of the Songster – Part 1


All right, song 2! I feel like PT makes this feel like Axe Cop’s “Temple of Doom” story. I don’t know. Thanks Parry for giving us more beats to get down to. Part two comes next week, or you can get the full origin on Patreon.

Check out this blog about the details and exclusive items for my trip to Seattle for ECCC. Here are a couple things I’ll have available…

Limited Edition Print


Coloring Kit


New Stickers!

(Based on art from the first-ever Axe Cop screen print!)

Get all the details in the blog. See you there!



Ask Axe Cop #106: Those Dark Shades

It turns out that the darkness of Axe Cop’s aviators is nothing compared to the darkness that awaits when he takes them off. I think at some point we need to tell a more extended version of the tale of Axe Cop’s insane uncle.

I hope to see you this weekend at Emerald City Comic Con! I’ll be at booth C14. I won’t be there Thursday (what’s up with cons going 4 days?!) but I’ll be there mid-day Friday through Sunday. I’ll have to cut out a little early on Sunday. I will have screen prints, books, commissions, hugs, handshakes, you name it. I will also be doing a panel for the Make a Wish project I worked on called Time Wreckers Saturday evening, 5:30pm – 6:30pm PST in room WSCC 3B.

Next week’s Ask Axe Cop episode is also great. It is about Axe Cop’s approach to people without an ounce of humility. If you want to read it now, join my Patreon for at least $2/month. Patrons get comics a week early!


Songster #5: PT the Rapper

One of my favorite new developments about Axe Cop in this story is this. When he is taken to a concert, he listens to Johnny Cash using in-ear speakers so that he can cope with the annoying music. It sounds like something I would do. Axe Cop is such a great grumpy old man when he wants to be.

I also want to thank Malachai for not making Axe Cop have an entire band with instruments and amps and things. That is so much work to draw. PT the Rapper, I welcome you as a nice, easy band to draw. Plus, Axe Cop hates rap so you are going to one zany, hilarious mismatched pair.

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Ask Axe Cop #105: The Hottest Hot Peppers

The Nicolles have a love for spicy foods, so it is only natural that Axe Cop would enjoy his food with a bit of a kick to it.

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Ask Axe Cop #104: Morgan Freeman

Perhaps one notable difference is now that Malachai is older, he knows who some of these celebrities are. I am pretty sure his main knowledge of Morgan Freeman is from the narration impression meme videos that are out there.

UPDATE: Good ol’ Dave DeAndrea, the man behind Axe Cop’s voice in the old motion comics sent me this video after he saw this episode. If you want an enhanced reading experience, allow him to read it to you…

If you didn’t see it yet, last Thursday’s page of the Songster (the new Axe Cop storyline) had its first Parry Gripp song posted with it.

Also, as always, if you want this comic in high res, and a week early, consider Patreon. Thanks for reading!

Songster #3: Commence Rocking

I’m excited to present you with the first musical page of comics in the history of my comic, and possibly the world.

This is a split song. The second half will come with next week’s page (or you are already jamming out to it if you are a Patreon head chopper).

Thanks for keeping up with Axe Cop. Make sure not to miss the latest Ask Axe Cop about Sockarang’s socks, and if you aren’t reading Bearmageddon, you should.

See you here next week for the next half of the song. You can’t trust a guy with a half mustache. I live by that.