The Songster Page 11 – Foxes the Size of Couches

I’m so excited to be merging the motion comics voice of Axe Cop, Dave DeAndrea, into this project. Click the track to hear Dave rock the vocals on Axe Cop’s song Foxes the Size of Couches.

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We have some exciting plans for this comic. It’s already got songs. What if I said video game?  That’s all I’ll say for now.



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4 thoughts on “The Songster Page 11 – Foxes the Size of Couches

  1. That was a freshly-broiled delicious pile of SOMETHING right there. So well done.. I think it added extra hair to me just listening, and there’s not much space left. I had to think for a second about how big a piano is and whether it’s bigger than a couch.

    uhhh what if you said video game? I’d.. I’d give you a nice dessert.

  2. (In response to your last statement in the description:)
    Amazing… I was just going to bed last night thinking about how awesome it would be to have a hack’n’slash-style Axe Cop video game, where you’re just chopping down entire armies of bad guys. (I’m somewhat inspired by Hyrule Warriors because of how much time I spent playing it.) In addition to Axe Cop, you could have Sockarang, Flute Cop, Uni-man, and plenty of others as playable characters. How cool would that be?

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