Carnivorous Sheep Burgers (Songster LAST PAGE!)

And that is that! Thanks for following along on the adventures of Axe Cop versus the Songster. It was fun to revisit Axe Cop with Malachai a bit older and partnering with Parry Gripp was a privilege. We are going to come up with a cool package to sell this story and music as one item for those interested, I’ll post it on the blog here when it comes out. Thanks again to Parry for all his tunes. This was a lot of fun.

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The Songster Page 11 – Foxes the Size of Couches

I’m so excited to be merging the motion comics voice of Axe Cop, Dave DeAndrea, into this project. Click the track to hear Dave rock the vocals on Axe Cop’s song Foxes the Size of Couches.

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We have some exciting plans for this comic. It’s already got songs. What if I said video game?  That’s all I’ll say for now.



Play that Banjo Son! – the Songster, page 9

The Songster isn’t afraid to genre-jump midset. He is, afterall, the Songster, not the rockster or the R&Bster.

Funfact: in today’s song the banjo solo is played by me. I recorded it on my phone and sent it to Parry. My wife got me a banjo for Christmas so I have been playing it for a few months. This is my first time playing, or recording publicly. I love playing banjo and it is coming a lot more naturally to me than expected, though I have a long way to go. I’m no Scruggs.

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In other news… I think I am going to stop producing Ask Axe Cop episodes, at least until I finish this story. I am doing too much right now. Doing so many different projects I am not finishing any of them. Songster pages will keep coming out on Thursdays and Bearmageddon always comes out on Wednesdays.


Axe Cop in THE SONGSTER starts NOW! – Presented using Comusic Technology

The Songster begins!

Just wait, this is Axe Cop’s first musical. We’ve teamed up with Parry Gripp to make this comic reading experience audible as well. Every time a page with a song is posted, there will be a new Parry Gripp song posted with it. It won’t be on every page, but it should average out to every 2-3 pages.

Tonight at 7pm (pacific time) Parry and I will be on Facebook Live to talk about this comic, answer questions, preview a song and generally chat it up. I will also be drawing one person as an Axe Cop style hero or villain. We always have a lot of fun on our live broadcasts (usually Thursdays at 5pm but this week 7pm).

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