Play that Banjo Son! – the Songster, page 9

The Songster isn’t afraid to genre-jump midset. He is, afterall, the Songster, not the rockster or the R&Bster.

Funfact: in today’s song the banjo solo is played by me. I recorded it on my phone and sent it to Parry. My wife got me a banjo for Christmas so I have been playing it for a few months. This is my first time playing, or recording publicly. I love playing banjo and it is coming a lot more naturally to me than expected, though I have a long way to go. I’m no Scruggs.

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In other news… I think I am going to stop producing Ask Axe Cop episodes, at least until I finish this story. I am doing too much right now. Doing so many different projects I am not finishing any of them. Songster pages will keep coming out on Thursdays and Bearmageddon always comes out on Wednesdays.


9 thoughts on “Play that Banjo Son! – the Songster, page 9

    • Thanks! I never thought I’d be rocking the banjo. I LOVE bluegrass but I thought I was too old and too busy to pick up a new instrument. Turns out my guitar and slapbass skills translate over pretty well so I got a good headstart.

    • Parry is amazing. Hopefully you’ve checked out his crazy library of free music on his website. Our whole family loves it.

      • Oh I’ve loved his stuff ever since I discovered it back in college. Bought a few songs of his off i tunes for my ipod .

    • It’s not likely to be since I’ve never read it, but you never know what I do in my sleep and how they influences what I do in my waking hours.

  1. Awesome! The music adds a whole new dimension that really makes use of the digital format instead of simply longing to be a printed adventure.
    I’m surprised no one else has commented on this, but in the first panel “were foxes” => “where foxes”.

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