Ask Axe Cop 109: Ace Cop

This episode was created two months ago on Facebook Live, when Malachai and I went online and did a live Ask Axe Cop session. You can see that video here.

Next week will be the last Ask Axe Cop I post for a while. I’m thinning out my workload so I can get more done on a few of my main projects. The Songster will continue until completion!


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5 thoughts on “Ask Axe Cop 109: Ace Cop

  1. I sent axe cop three of my only best questions via email like getting flute cop a new flute, axe cop mutating himself into an anthropomorphic turtle since that’s his favorite animal he hugged that one time in ask axe cop #41, and whether or not Axe Cop met marvel superhero creator: Stan Lee, and since I’ve just read this post description that next week will be the last new ask axe cop strip, I’m hoping one of my questions for axe cop will be the last one next week?

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