Ask Axe Cop #100 – Bigfoot

I have loved Bigfoot since I saw Harry and the Hendersons in theaters.  I wrote a massive report on Bigfoot in highschool that was something like 30-40 pages long.  I have always been fascinated by the creature and was excited to get to draw him.  Plus, this is Ask Axe Cop #100!  I set out to do at least 100 Ask Axe Cop questions when I started doing them.  DONE.  I think we still will do more, but for a while we will be taking a break.  I’m going to be posting guest episodes for a while.  If you want to submit some guest episodes, feel free to submit your own.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, Jason Brubaker and Travis Hanson will be doing a seminar on how to make money with your web comic.  Of course, that is the title, but chances are it will be an over-all seminar on web comic making in general, and you will have the opportunity to drill us with questions to your heart’s desire.  The class does cost some money, but I am throwing in a free Axe Cop TPB signed to all students, and Jason is throwing in a free signed book as well!  So right there it’s already a deal.  The class is this Satrday, March 1st at Gallery Nucleus.

And if you are looking for Axe Cop toys is looks like they are now available at many toy stores!



13 thoughts on “Ask Axe Cop #100 – Bigfoot

  1. Does the magic forest ever go to war with magic hunters, or are they too nice for that?

    It looks as if both you and Tom have broken the alt-text streak now.

  2. Dear Axe Cop:
    I got into an argument with my 8 year old brother today. He says that uni-man would win in a fight with you, I say that you would win. Who is right?

  3. Since you pretty much retcon the parents dying thing with the time machine, what with killing Telescope Gun Cop and all, and if Uni-Baby never got pelted with those avocado & lemon grenades, did Avocado Soldier rip off her horn? exactly how does this change continuity now since issue 3 basically never happened?

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