Page 220 – Orange juice?

Axes deflect burning hot rainbows. Just so you guys know.

I’m taking off on tour for the next two weeks, but the pages will go up. I’m cranking away at the comics mill to get the pages done in time. Weirdly, the big pain in making these isn’t the art or coloring or lettering, so much, but the sound effects. I really don’t like doing sound effects. I try to adhere to Nate Piekos’s (of methods of coming up with sound effects, but maaan, I don’t know that I’m cut out for it. I do know that a good sound effect really helps a panel a great deal. I just don’t feel like I’m the guy to make them. Being the only guy working on a comic can be really frustrating in a number of ways.

The battle ramps up between Axe Cop and Rainbow Girl. Next week… SOMEONE DIES.


“I really like learning about fire.”
                                        -Charlotte, 6 years old

Amelia’s singing along to the radio.
“Oh, I just died in your arms tonight
It must have been a pillow fight”
                                        -Amelia, 6 years old

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17 thoughts on “Page 220 – Orange juice?

  1. I have an idea of how Axe Cop could defeat Rainbow Girl. First, Axe Cop chops off Medusa’s head (Axe Cop will be immune to Medusa’s power cause he drinks Gorgon-proof juice every morning), he then uses Medusa’s head on Rainbow Girl, turning her to stone. The petrified Rainbow Girl then starts crumbling just like the Kraken did in Clash of the Titans.

  2. I dunno, Tom. I think even Ethan’s onamontapaeic skills would be sorely tested by trying to write rainbow sound effects.

    That, and I *like* a rainbow blast that goes “SKVASHH!”

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