Page 221 – Sparkling Like A New Man

Yeah, I said someone would die. I didn’t say it would last. Thanks, Ralph Wrinkles!

When I asked Charlotte what sort of a battle cry Rainbow Girl may have as she kills Axe Cop, she blurted out “rainbowtastic!” almost immediately. Makes sense to me.

I’m on tour right now. I had to upload this and the next page, and write up the blog posts for them, in advance. Rough stuff. Right now I’m somewhere off in the south, playing metal for underattended shows. But, hey, it’s travel.

Next week we will finally see Axe Cop get… the perfect revenge. He and Dinosaur Soldier and Army Chihuahua planned it way back on page 6. What could this plan entail? We finally learn next time.


Charlotte is looking for Wiimotes and finds one of the empty
silicone sheaths. “I found one, but it’s got no bones in it.”
                                        -Charlotte, 6 years old

“I dreamed I had twenty-nine ice creams with sprinkles,
cherries and hot fudge. Then I throwed up. I ate a
chicken and I throwed up again. Then me and Charlotte
falled down the stairs that were made of toilet paper
and daddy catched us before we broke our legs.”
                                        -Amelia, 4 years old

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7 thoughts on “Page 221 – Sparkling Like A New Man

  1. I have an idea. It involves Axe Cop sucking on a lemon, drinking bull potion, having Wexter breath fire on him and Lavasaurus spitting lava on him, transforming him into “Axe Cop Lava Bull Fire With Lemon”.

  2. Rainbow fire! I love it! And it’s good to see Fire Slicer again; I’m glad the King of All Bears didn’t take him out for good.

    I’m glad the Revenge plan didn’t just fade into the background and be forgotten.

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