Page 222 – The Perfect Revenge

And there you have it: the perfect revenge. We got to this part in the story and she laid out the revenge. I said “that’s it?” She said “yeah!” So, why not. An elaborate plan can be a simple murder, sure! You don’t argue with kid logic.

So. Yeah. Rainbow Girl’s dead. Enjoy your meal, Wexter.

The story’s not over yet. Next week: Lightning  Boy strikes back.


Charlie has lost a Wii game.
She sadly says “I have no hearts left.”
                                        -Charlotte, 6 years old

Amelia’s woken mommy up. 
“Come on mommy, let’s get up!  I sitting up, you sit up!
I getting out of bed!  I go on my BELLY!  Let’s GO!”
                                        -Amelia, 3 years old

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11 thoughts on “Page 222 – The Perfect Revenge

  1. I might have guessed that after beheading Rainbow Girl, Axe Cop would barbecue her head and flush the body down the potty, but now I realize that’s the wrong version of “Joy to the World” for this comic.

  2. Nothing pragmatic yet satisfying like telling the bad guy his worst flaw, then making sure he won’t live to learn from it 🙂
    Axe cop’s logic rule!! Nice to see Wexter’s role in the plan!

  3. HA! I love it! Humiliate the villian right before you kill them!!!! Maaaan kids are instinctually brutal aren’t they?

    Also, I love the simplicity of it. No monolguing or time wasting, just boom killed, and eaten. The eating part is important. That way she can’t come back….oh wait…this is a comic…forget I just said that silly thing.

  4. Damn, lighting’s face is just :0 like why feed the body to wrexter, and I wonder what he going to do with he head?

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