Ask Axe Cop #87 – Sensing Perfection

This episode ties into the end of Axe Cop Gets Married. He is able to look at a baby and determine if it is a boy or a girl using these same powers.  The bottom left panel is the closest thing to something sexual we have had in the Axe Cop comic.  It’s also just really weird seeing him with no mustache.  I feel like we have slowly been peeling away the mysteries of Axe Cop’s head in Ask Axe Cop.  We took his hat off, we shaved his mustache… all that is left is to see his actual eyes.  Maybe some day.

Just a reminder that next Tuesday, Axe Cop: Revenge on Rainbow Girl begins.  Check out the interview with artist Tom Martin I posted last Tuesday and the preview art we posted.

Saturday night, one of my favorite Axe Cop episodes is airing on FOX.  When Night Creatures Attack.  I think I actually like it better than the Halloween episode it is based on.  I like the design of the night creatures.  They remind me a of a combination of the Attack the Block creatures and Sam Keith’s “Isz”.


15 thoughts on “Ask Axe Cop #87 – Sensing Perfection

    • Think of the poor little alien robot trapped inside Axe Cop’s lip!

      Now, we did see Axey’s eyelids in Episode #0. Maybe this power is the reason he wore sunglasses his whole life, because it made his eyes oversensitive to light.

  1. Wait, born with the power and it comes from his mustache?
    This fool uppercut his way out of the womb with a fully grown mustache?

    • Of course, in one of the first issues they show him as a baby and he hasna mustache and sunglasses, his parents gave him a red cap with an M on it as a joke.

  2. Couldn’t help but notice the remark that kissing multiple men equals unfaithful, and it kinda ruined the page for me. I know this may not be the best place to discuss it, but I think it’s important to clear some things up.

    I still like the site and Axe Cop, thanks for the time!

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