Ask Axe Cop #98 – Insane, Evil, Comatose or Dead

The idea of Axe Cop going insane is terrifying, but not altogether unbelievable.  He is already constantly walking the thin fine line of sanity as it is.  One of my favorite things about Axe Cop is his many contingency plans for any and all situations.  This is one of my favorites.

Reminder that Axe Cop Vol. 5 is out now!  This is possibly my favorite collection.   It is very dense and has a lot of good stuff in it.


11 thoughts on “Ask Axe Cop #98 – Insane, Evil, Comatose or Dead

  1. my Axe Cop story

    written by a 30 year old, with the heart of a 5 year old


    One day an old woman came to see Axe Cop for help. She was sick from eating and because she was old.

    Axe Cop remembered the time when she was a child and her parents died and also remembered when he ate too much and got sick and he didn’t like it. So he asked Uni-Man to make a potion that would make him never get sick. He gave the potion to drink to everyone on his team. Now none of them would ever get sick again.

    He went with the old woman and he saw that there were a lot of old people who were in hospital and were sick. He didn’t think sickness was good. So he made a rule (because he was President of the World) that sickness was illegal. Now all the old people had to get better, or they’d go to jail.

    But then Axe COp was visited by aliens. They were germ aliens. Because Axe Cop made being sick illegal they had nowhere to leave. So Axe Cop gave them a potion that only made them infect bad guys. He then snuck into a bad guys’ houses and put the aliens in the bad guys’ food and they all died.


  2. Is anyone else always hearing the voices from the show now?

    I’m not complaining. The voice actors they chose are absolutely perfect. I’m just saying it adds an extra layer of magic to the comics.

  3. Axe Cop’s army of clones reminds me of Superman’s army of robot supermen in classic Superman comics, except it makes more sense for Axe Cop than for Superman. Lookit that, Malachi’s already writing better than the pros.

    Also, I got the new Axe Cop volume last week. It’s one of the best things you can buy for $15! I hope very much the TV show will be released on DVD!!!

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