Ask Axe Cop #99 – the Mole People

It’s  strange coincidence that I happen to have star-nosed mole beasts in both of my web comics at the moment (in Bearmageddon, my characters have been in a battle with a giant bear mole).

It’s also strange that I posted this on Friday, but even though I kept reminding myself to update Axe Cop yesterday, I kept forgetting, and somehow continued to forget to actually do it, until I fell asleep at 4:30a.m.  So, I am posting it a day late.

If you live in the Los Angeles area I will be part of a web comics seminar on “Making a Living With Your Web Comic” at Gallery Nucleus on March 1st.  If you are an aspiring web comics maker I recommend it!  Also, if you just want to buy a book or get something signed, or just say hi, there is a signing open to the public that day at 4pm.

Well that is Ask Axe Cop #99.  1 away from 100, which was my goal when I started doing Ask Axe Cop 4 years ago.  If you have Axe Cop Volume 5, you have already read #100.  After I post #100, I don’t have anything new to post for a while.  We will finish out Revenge on Rainbow Girl with Tom and then we will be posting guest comics for a while until I can get caught up.


14 thoughts on “Ask Axe Cop #99 – the Mole People

  1. Of course Axe Cop would have a three-pronged attack contingency plan to deal with my “But what if there are a thousand more bearmoles?” worry.

  2. The last panel has two narration boxes that both say “But the rest of Earth would punch him at the same time”. I assume this is a mistake.

    • I think in the context of this comic, it actually works as kind of a refrain, to hammer home the strength of this extraordinary punch.

      • It’s just as well, since Ask-Axe-Cop99b.jpg still appears exactly the same as Ask-Axe-Cop99.jpg to me.

  3. “But the rest of the Earth would punch him at the same time” is said twice in the last panel. Or is that in case the mole king has a backup head to be prepared for a rest-of-humanity-punch?

    • Yes, that was a mistake. I posted the page, then noticed the extra dialog box. Unfortunately this website is set up on this cache system that makes changes to images take a long time to change. So I uploaded a new version of the page with the correction, but it still has not posted the new image. It can take a week or so to change. I don’t get it. It saves the site from crashing, which is great, but man is it obnoxious if I post a typo on accident.

      • Is this another thing that’s already fixed in Volume 5? It’s interesting that for these last few questions, we could get the corrected version in the book before seeing the mistake-filled version online.

        • Yeah, these are from my file, and I am bad at catching errors. Before printing, this file is sent to Dark Horse and they proof read it and fix it. So they have a file that is corrected, but mine is still messed up. Think of it as a director’s cut.

  4. I think this would make for a great ADHD Axe Cop episode. And dang, these mole people seem pretty resilient. Usually in comics and such the “sewer dwelling mutant colony” tends to get their butts handed to them pretty quickly, but these guys managed to beat down a surprise attack chainsaw-weilding gator platoon with nothing but lead pipes!

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