Page 224 – Bright Purple

When you turn good, whatever you’re wearing turns brighter and more saturated. It’s just the way it is.

Just two comics left to go, and Ethan’s going to pick things back up.

The action’s not over with. Next week, we learn of the other functions of the Axe Cop Swinger™ 2008.


Charlotte: “I have cocks!”
“Excuse me?”
“Cocks!  That’s short for comfy socks!”
-Charlotte, 9 years old

Amelia’s drawing me a picture of Dracula.
“I drawed the cape for evil.”
                                        -Amelia, 5 years old

7 thoughts on “Page 224 – Bright Purple

    • There’s a whole array of tests for determining goodness now; the kicking one was just the first one introduced and therefore the fan favorite.

  1. Ah yes, that wonderful point in time when you’ve discovered contractions but haven’t yet encountered all the words your parents don’t want you to say. Like “fucks”. Which clearly is a contraction of “fat ducks”. What else could it possibly mean?

    (True story: Mom flipped out and forbid me from talking about fat ducks when she overheard me and my cousins discussing it. She told me she would explain it later and never got around to it.)

  2. Kid language is a wild thing for sure. My sister couldn’ty say fox properly as a small child. The o came out as a u, and one day she ran in shouting “fux” kids (saturday morning show) rocks! in the middle of the church fellowship hall. Right in front of the one woman who had absolutely no sense of humour or understanding about such things. Fun times. 😛

  3. This is the best Axe Cop chapter I’ve ever read, though I gotta say, Tom Martin’s colors kinda remind me of the colors used on Denny Phantom back in my middle school days, and the art on axe cop and the bad guys with tails also remind of the anatomy used on Danny Phantom’s Friends & Foes too back then, did Tom work for Butch Hartman back then? cause those colors look so familiar to me.

    • Heyyy, thanks for the kind words! I’ve been feeling a bit discouraged of late, so this was nice. ‘Fraid I was unaffiliated with Butch Hartman back then. …Or ever, really.

  4. I just noticed Lightning Boy’s mask covers his eyelids and lashes. That costume was definitely designed by a Bad Guy.

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