Revenge is Coming!

Well, you made it to the end of Axe Cop Gets Married and you probably began to wonder what is next?  Well, here it is.  Prepare yourself for a historical Axe Cop event in two weeks, starting on November 19th .  The new Axe Cop story will be presented to you by the awesome artist Tom Martin (age 37), and written by his nieces, Charlotte O’Brien (age 9) and Amelia O’Brien (age 5).  Why historical?  Besides this being the first full-length Axe Cop story by someone  Malachai and me, it is also the first to be written by girls.  Revenge on Rainbow Girl is a strong, fun Axe Cop adventure, and  Tom has worked hard on it with Charlotte and Amelia.  This comic will post every Tuesday for the next 22 or so weeks.  What’s it about?

Rainbow Girl is an enemy from Axe Cop’s past. She can shoot rainbows out of her hands with some kind of hot stuff that can kill you. Also, she can flood a village with rainbows. She has a plan to take over the world, but her reckless actions enrage Axe Cop, who plans to get the perfect revenge on her.

If you are not familar with Tom, Amelia and Charlotte’s previous Axe Cop guest episodes, they stand out as some of my all time favorites.  They have a real synergy and Tom has a knack for getting the storytelling and style nailed for an Axe Cop comic.  Please, take a second and read those!

Axe Cop and Super Charlotte part one

Axe Cop VS Hulk Wonder

Nothing Beats Axe Cop! part one

Nothing Beats Axe Cop! part two

Not only that, but Tom, as the front man of a highly skilled Metal band called Lich King, wrote an Axe Cop metal song that is pretty amazing.  Check it out here.

Every thursday for about 15-16 weeks I will post new Ask Axe Cop episodes.  During this time, Malachai and I will be working on our new print-exclusive miniseries the American Choppers.  Please give Tom, Charlotte and Amelia a hearty welcome here and prepare for a lot of fun as they join in on the fun.

Also, if you did not catch it on Saturday, new episodes of Axe Cop are now airing on FOX.  Last week we got to meet Baby Man for the first time, amazingly voiced by Michael Madsen.

You are probably wondering where we go this storyline… well, we actually took the Telelscope Gun Cop story and put Baby Man in his place.  Something about him wasn’t working on the show, and Baby Man just brought a great level of creepy to the story that just worked.

Also, as mentioned before, if you get the FOXADHD app for your smart phone, you will be able to watch another new episode called the Night Creatures.

This coming weekend I will be at Coast City Comic Con in Portland, Maine!

Woo!  Thursday I will post a new Ask Axe Cop.  Next Tuesday I’m going to introduce Tom to you guys in a little interview and we will show off some images from his sketch book for the new story.  See you then!



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21 thoughts on “Revenge is Coming!

  1. Baby Man was fantastically creepy–a completely different variant from the mostly silent comic version who managed to be a badass despite the silly costume. Here, it was just plain creepy to watch–and it was awesome. I especially loved watching Flute Cop finally transform not only into Dinosaur Soldier but Avocado Soldier as well. Also, the “Axe Cop with Lemon.” joke never gets old.

  2. This Rainbow Girl is different from the Rainbow Princess, right? *imagines all the jilted women in the universe teaming up…*

  3. I also love when Dinosaur Soldier comes home for the first time his wife doesn’t even flinch, and she instantly knows to call him Dinosaur Soldier.

  4. Here’s my Axe Cop nerd question.
    In this new episode, Baby Man, voiced by Michael Madsen, kills Axe Cop by wishing for a rattlesnake and commanding it to “kill him to death”.

    In the movie Kill Bill 2, Michael Madsen’s character Budd is killed to death by being bitten in the face by a deadly snake.

    Is this rattlesnake scene an homage to Budd?

    This is important. Thank you.

  5. I’m going to assume that Axe Cop originally wrote his list of bad guys on only one side of the paper, but Baby-Man’s wish magicked his name onto it in order to keep the list accurate. This is why you don’t use magic to become a bad guy!

  6. Your archives need some technical work. Clicking on NEXT for Ask Axe Cop #30 directs you to Ask Axe Cop #32, and clicking BACK on #32 sends me back to #30. Also, there might be more problems than that.

    • You mean in the Guest Episodes? That seems to be where it’s especially bad. I think the pages were automatically sorted by date once, but the system got confused by pages that have the same date and makes the Prev and Next buttons skip them. Even this very blog post is currently missing the actual link to “Axe Cop and Super Charlotte part one”.

      • Yup, things got weird after the site migration. If you run into these sorts of things, please, please hit up the Contact page and let us know so that I can get to it ASAP.


    • While we’re on the subject, is someone going to fix the front page so that it doesn’t keep showing the oldest blog posts first? I’m not the only one seeing this, am I?

      • I’m guessing those are the newest blog posts that aren’t associated with any comic, but the new system seems to be that every new post is attached to an image of some kind, which causes a separation that makes the “newest” blog on the front page a very old one.

        But sure, the way it ought to work is that every post on the main page except the newest one gets reduced to just a couple of paragraphs with no image, so then you could click its link to get the full page. (Maybe the old posts were attached to comics before, but this was also lost in the site upgrade? I didn’t get into this site until after the TV show started.)

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