Royalties (The Songster page 24)

One page left, and one song left.

Parry and I are thinking of putting together a special highly limited edition cassette tape and full printed comic. If you would be interested in something like that, let us know.

Next week, the story shall end. I don’t have plans for more Axe Cop content at the moment. Thanks for following along with this story, it’s been a fun little experiment and working with Parry has been a treat.


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3 thoughts on “Royalties (The Songster page 24)

  1. I definitely would buy one, though– a cassette tape? Wouldn’t a CD be easier/cheaper, and you could skip to the relevant song?

    Also, would the new Ask Axe Cops be in the printed comic? (You should totally put in the voiceover for the Morgan Freeman one, that’s gold.)

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