Ask Axe Cop #88 – Our Noble Sun

Howdy folks,
Ethan’s out on travel for the next little while, so he asked Tom and myself to mess the place up a bitkeep things up and running while he’s out. We’ll be responsible adults*, promise.

I’m sure you all have already seen the first page from Tom’s set of guest strips. I’ve gotten to read ahead and I think you guys are going to love this series. After the decidedly “adult” turns (love, sacrifice, romance, etc.) that the “Axe Cop Gets Married” storyline took, “Revenge on Rainbow Girl” seems to be a return to levels of silliness and straight out Kid Logic(tm). We’ll see if Malachai is open to making it canon, but I certainly hope so. Oh, and spoilers: Snape kills Gandalf! Also, Donnie Darko is actually Finkel and Einhorn.

But enough frippery! Down to business.

This Saturday’s Axe Cop on Fox ADHD features an all-new character, invented purely for the show: Turkey Turkey. He’s definitely a Bad Guy Who Is Up To No Good. Ethan thought you all might enjoy a few of the concept sketches before you get to watch him in motion at 11pm Eastern** on Fox.


Click to embiggen! Then watch on Saturday night, and tell your friends to beware of Turkey Turkey!

PS: Hot Topic is doing a test run on sales of Axe Cop t-shirts featuring Wexter. Now, I’m not saying that if sales are good enough, they’ll order more and soon kids the world over will be wearing the shirts with nary a hint of irony and that massive royalties will come streaming in, thus ensuring that Axe Cop will turn into a franchise that is eventually written by Ethan’s great-great-grandchildren, amusing countless generations of kids and adults and bringing about world peace***, no sir. But Hot Topic will order more shirts, so tell your friends to buy them. Also, they’re selling t-shirts whereon Axe Cop looks like Rosie the Riveter. I think you know what to do.

* As responsible as two adults given the reins to a website dedicated to posting comic strips invented by children can be, that is.

** More like 11:38PM Eastern. Stupid football/local news.

*** World peace or new uniforms? Asked and answered.

Page 205 – What the heck?

Hiya. I’m Tom, and welcome to the first page of REVENGE ON RAINBOW GIRL. This story is written by my two nieces and drawn and colored by me. This is step 3 in a 16-step plan to subtly manipulate Ethan as a contact and get my own TV show. Don’t tell Ethan I’m abusing him as a contact; he doesn’t die until step 14 and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

So as it turns out, I’ve got these things called blog posts to go along with the comic strips. I wasn’t ready for that. I guess I’ll get into it by starting with why I’m doing this, and why I like Axe Cop: kids are hilarious. I know a lot of people with little kids in their lives, and the kids have always just said something hysterical. What these people don’t always do is what I’ve been doing since the girls were little, and I’m going to recommend it to everyone here- write down their quotes. I keep a Google Doc full of things the kids have said, grouped by how old they were when they said it. What I’m planning to do is give each kid a quote of the week whenever I post.

Considering I’m the much-worshiped frontman of metal band Lich King, this’ll probably endanger my reputation as the Ice Cube of thrash metal*, because adoration of the cute things kids say isn’t supposed to be a trope of thrash guys. We’re supposed to enjoy violence and apathy and 80s action movies and zombies and beer. In light of that, if you’re a metal guy that’s put off by that I love little kids and now you can’t like my band, I guess it doesn’t bother me if you take a walk because you’re not the kind of person I want enjoying my band anyway. Metal is supposed to be fun. Hug a puppy now and then, you miserable churl.


Amelia: “Ow. Charlotte’s hitting me!”
Me: “Charlie, what are you doing?”
Charlotte: “She just told you.”
                                        -Charlotte, age 8

Picking crabapples from the tree in the kids’ yard,
Amelia points to one and I pick it for her.
Amelia: “Thank you Unca Tommy. You’re a good
picker and no car could ever run you over.”
                                        -Amelia, age 3

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy REVENGE ON RAINBOW GIRL as much as I did listening to it being written on the fly by two awesome little kids. I’ll be back next week with page 2!

*…No one calls me the Ice Cube of thrash metal. I call myself that in hopes that it’ll stick.

Ask Axe Cop #87 – Sensing Perfection

This episode ties into the end of Axe Cop Gets Married. He is able to look at a baby and determine if it is a boy or a girl using these same powers.  The bottom left panel is the closest thing to something sexual we have had in the Axe Cop comic.  It’s also just really weird seeing him with no mustache.  I feel like we have slowly been peeling away the mysteries of Axe Cop’s head in Ask Axe Cop.  We took his hat off, we shaved his mustache… all that is left is to see his actual eyes.  Maybe some day.

Just a reminder that next Tuesday, Axe Cop: Revenge on Rainbow Girl begins.  Check out the interview with artist Tom Martin I posted last Tuesday and the preview art we posted.

Saturday night, one of my favorite Axe Cop episodes is airing on FOX.  When Night Creatures Attack.  I think I actually like it better than the Halloween episode it is based on.  I like the design of the night creatures.  They remind me a of a combination of the Attack the Block creatures and Sam Keith’s “Isz”.


One Week to Go!

One more week to go before Axe Cop: Revenge on Rainbow Girl starts posting.  To introduce you guys to the project, and to it’s artist, Tom Martin, I did a little interview with him to discuss the project, and what it was like jumping into doing a full Axe Cop story with his nieces. He also shared some of the project artwork here above as a sort of preview.

Ethan:  So, you have been a pretty faithful Axe Cop follower for a while now.  How did you first discover Axe Cop?

Tom: I don’t even remember. I… I think it was just one of those links people post randomly. “Check out this comic strip, written by a kid!” or something like that. It was in the very first weeks, when it was first starting to catch on. I clicked and got caught up in an action man with a mustache that, for once, wasn’t some ironic Chuck Norris homage. It was that very real feeling of action excess, without the sort of forced bravado that ruins similar projects like BLACK DYNAMITE or PLANET TERROR and every other 70s / 80s action tribute. I’ve been a devotee ever since.

Ethan:  Yeah I think that is what fascinated me as the comic started to take shape. It never tries to be dark or ironic or edgy, but it just is by accident at times and that makes it so much more fun.  

Tom: It does. There’s an earnestness in it, that this is the best possible outcome for this particular bad guy and his particular attempt to… rob the bank or take over the world or what have you.

Ethan:  So, have you been into other comics and do you consider yourself a comic fan? Where does Axe Cop fit into your love of the genre?

Tom: I went to comic art school- I graduated from the JOE KUBERT SCHOOL in 1998. I just never managed to make that full-on leap into comics work. I got sidetracked with having to get paying work, and while I wasn’t doing comics, I got into graphic design. That ate a nice decade of my life, but at least the pay was good. I haven’t kept up with comics much of late. I certainly don’t read any other webcomics. I used to read PVP, and did a guest strip there, but I got lost over time and now I don’t even follow any ongoing comics except for Axe Cop. I still tightly clutch my Alan Moore and Frank Miller graphic novels from my 90s heyday. Axe Cop fits in somewhere at the top of my comics pantheon. I haven’t given any time to jotting out a list, but the feeling I get from a good Axe Cop beats any feeling I’ve gotten from comics in a very, very long time.

Ethan:  So when you decided to sit down with your niece, Charlotte, and make your first guest episode, how did that come about?  What made you think to involve her, and it did it go as you thought it would?

Tom: I just wanted to get involved. I felt like I got the Axe Cop THING, that thing that I’d seen a lot of other people miss when they wrote their own guest strip. It’s not about a cop with an axe doing crazy action things. The Axe Cop thing is a kid telling a wild story, and you need a kid to do it. So if I were going to get involved, I’d need kid imagination. I stoked it with candy and turned on a video camera and set her loose. It probably helps that I put a costume cape on her before she began. Then she just unspooled a story and I put it down.

Ethan: Yeah when I read your first guest comic I really felt like you got it.  Your style works really well, you have good storytelling sense and you do a good job of organizing the chaos a kid will give you to tell a story with.  You submitted a good number of guest episodes and they have been my favorites.  What are your initial feelings, going from guest episodes to doing a full story arch?  What was the process like with your nieces, and what do you think of the story you’ve cooked up?

Tom: Going from guest episodes to a full story arch has been a bit of a shock- the process in busting out a page without any editing is very different. I learned a few things from you that I hadn’t gotten about the strip in reading. For example, the narrator doesn’t speak in the kid’s voice. I’d started the story as Charlotte did, with “Once upon a time, there was Axe Cop. The end. Just kidding.” Then we cracked down on that and other things like making certain Axe Cop knows he’s right, all the time. I had to fine-tune a number of things, but nothing was a hassle. the biggest issue was learning how the story structure gets adjusted. When I drew my first draft, it was very much a literal retelling of exactly what Charlotte had said, and then we went about shifting things for the sake of telling a more dynamic story. Very good, excusable changes, but things I hadn’t imagined would be in the Axe Cop creative process. The process for that was just me getting the kids alone for a while, clicking on the voice recorder and setting them loose. I encouraged the wildest options when I saw her backing down from a strange choice. I like the story they’ve cooked up, very much. I just wish Charlotte could get around trying to make everyone’s hair pink. Seriously, that’s a recurring thing with her.

Ethan: Haha awesome.  So, you are creating history in the tiny little world of Axe Cop, but for those of us who live in it, this is the first comic story to be done by a team that is not Malachai and me, and this is also the first time an official Axe Cop story will be penned by two girls.  How do you think Charotte and Amelia’s approach differs from Malachai’s, and have you found that they stay faithful to the rules of the Axe Cop universe because they think in “kid-logic”, or do they create new rules?

Tom: I’d say they definitely have a different approach from Malachai, and I’ve been betting this whole time that if Malachai got his hands on the story, he’d not approve, haha. Malachai seems to be much more about what I’d have been about at his age – ninjas and weapons and big action set pieces. The girls are different. Charlotte is very much about creating an awkward social situation, and having the characters talk it out. Originally the story ended with no fighting at all, they just talked things out and the story resolved with hugs and friendship. That’s great in a practical sense, but for an action comic we needed a battle. That’s why I included her little sister Amelia, who’s 5 and immediately said “Okay. The bad guys have a fire-breathing dragon.” Her approach is very much kid logic and the stream-of-consciousness kid storytelling thing. “And then this happened, and then this happened, and then this.” Very little comes back and gets resolved, but in the meantime you’re getting so much good material to wrap back into the actual story of it all, and it tied together nicely. I’d say their approach was different, but that the results, with some tweaking, will not be disappointing to the seasoned Axe Cop reader. …I hope.

Ethan:  Well from what I have seen it definitely fits into the world.  It does have a different flavor than what Malachai and I create, but I think it fits well.  I really enjoy seeing Axe Cop working in the realm of how little girls think, because they do tend to think much more about “how does this impact my character’s feelings” whereas little boys seem to be concerned with “how does this blow everyone on earth’s mind?”.  I think some of the best moments for Axe Cop is when he has to be relational.  

So, just to wrap this up, I grew up on Ninja Turtles, and some of my favorite comics were the Mirage Studios original series, when Eastman and Laird opened up the Turtles to be created and drawn by other creators in the independent comics scene.  It was a great gateway drug into indy comics for me because I got introduced to so many other creators.  How do you feel about handing the reins on Axe Cop over to you guys?  Do you feel like that works with this property?  

Tom: I do, and with respect I think it’s the only way things can go on. Kids grow up, and eventually Malachai’s going to be too old to reap these little gems from. I don’t know if you’re grooming your stepson to take on the mantle like Batman trains a new Robin now and then, but at some point someone’s going to be handed these reins. I think the best thing for the readers is to condition them to the idea now- that Axe Cop can live outside of the original creator, and can go on so long as there’s a kid brain that can think up wild ideas like a ghost shark planet or something like that. It’s a monument to a kid’s imagination, which is friggin’ sacred.

Ethan:  Definitely, and it is because you see it in that way that I asked you to take this project on.  Everything you said is totally true.  For Axe Cop to continue on, we need some other creative teams to take a crack at it.  All the great comics have had to do the same thing.  I think that, with the TV show coming out, we have seen Axe Cop taken into the hands of other writers and I think that generally it works as long as the writer’s write in the right spirit.  I think Malachai has set a precedent and a tone that, if anyone is to make a good Axe Cop story, will need to be faithful to.  You have been faithful to that, and I’m excited to start posting your pages on the site here.  Consider this your formal introduction to the Axe Cop audience.  Everyone say hi to Tom.

Tom: Assuming you said hi, hi back. Assuming you snfifed in derision and thought “this isn’t the guy I’m used to,” I’m hurt by your recalcitrance. Seriously though, I’m excited to start getting this out there. We’ve got a lot of pages with big moments and things that I think will have been worthy of the loyal Axe Cop reader. Stick around. As mentioned: we’ve got a fire-breathing dragon.

Ethan:  Alright, so just so everyone knows, you will be updating your pages on your own, writing the blogs every Tuesday until the story ends.  On Thursdays, I will post Ask Axe Cop episodes.  In the meantime, you are helping have more regular content while Malachai and I work on the new print-exclusive miniseries, so thanks.  I can’t wait for next week!

Tom: Excellent, thank you for giving us a shot. This is going to be fun. And not a lesson in hubris. I hope. Cheers people!

 Axe Cop: Revenge on Rainbow Girl will begin posting next Tuesday, November 19th!



P.S. Check out this great interview with Nick Offerman over at Newsarama.  Also, this blog at the Daily Caller about Axe Cop and kids being censored.

Revenge is Coming!

Well, you made it to the end of Axe Cop Gets Married and you probably began to wonder what is next?  Well, here it is.  Prepare yourself for a historical Axe Cop event in two weeks, starting on November 19th .  The new Axe Cop story will be presented to you by the awesome artist Tom Martin (age 37), and written by his nieces, Charlotte O’Brien (age 9) and Amelia O’Brien (age 5).  Why historical?  Besides this being the first full-length Axe Cop story by someone  Malachai and me, it is also the first to be written by girls.  Revenge on Rainbow Girl is a strong, fun Axe Cop adventure, and  Tom has worked hard on it with Charlotte and Amelia.  This comic will post every Tuesday for the next 22 or so weeks.  What’s it about?

Rainbow Girl is an enemy from Axe Cop’s past. She can shoot rainbows out of her hands with some kind of hot stuff that can kill you. Also, she can flood a village with rainbows. She has a plan to take over the world, but her reckless actions enrage Axe Cop, who plans to get the perfect revenge on her.

If you are not familar with Tom, Amelia and Charlotte’s previous Axe Cop guest episodes, they stand out as some of my all time favorites.  They have a real synergy and Tom has a knack for getting the storytelling and style nailed for an Axe Cop comic.  Please, take a second and read those!

Axe Cop and Super Charlotte part one

Axe Cop VS Hulk Wonder

Nothing Beats Axe Cop! part one

Nothing Beats Axe Cop! part two

Not only that, but Tom, as the front man of a highly skilled Metal band called Lich King, wrote an Axe Cop metal song that is pretty amazing.  Check it out here.

Every thursday for about 15-16 weeks I will post new Ask Axe Cop episodes.  During this time, Malachai and I will be working on our new print-exclusive miniseries the American Choppers.  Please give Tom, Charlotte and Amelia a hearty welcome here and prepare for a lot of fun as they join in on the fun.

Also, if you did not catch it on Saturday, new episodes of Axe Cop are now airing on FOX.  Last week we got to meet Baby Man for the first time, amazingly voiced by Michael Madsen.

You are probably wondering where we go this storyline… well, we actually took the Telelscope Gun Cop story and put Baby Man in his place.  Something about him wasn’t working on the show, and Baby Man just brought a great level of creepy to the story that just worked.

Also, as mentioned before, if you get the FOXADHD app for your smart phone, you will be able to watch another new episode called the Night Creatures.

This coming weekend I will be at Coast City Comic Con in Portland, Maine!

Woo!  Thursday I will post a new Ask Axe Cop.  Next Tuesday I’m going to introduce Tom to you guys in a little interview and we will show off some images from his sketch book for the new story.  See you then!



Page 204 – THANK YOU

My wedding was, up to this point anyway, the best day of my life.  I had been a lonely, lonely man for a long time.  I was not looking for a casual relationship, I wanted a woman who wanted to be my wife and wanted to have a family and live together forever and ever… a woman who loved God, loved me and I could not only fall in love with, but share true friendship with.  That kind of woman can be hard to find, especially in the vicinity I had found myself (Los Angeles County).  When I found Jessica, I knew pretty much from our first date that I had found my wife.  I was so thrilled to have found her, that on the same day as our second date, I also had lunch with Nick Offerman for the first time, and I was so distracted by my excitement for that evening the entire time.  My life was pretty wild… I was in love, and I was getting a TV show.

For a period of time, I was doing well financially.  People assume that if you have a well known comic and a TV series you must be set for life, but no, it’s not that simple.  There are good times and hard times.  Amazingly, around the time I had made a down payment on an engagement ring, my car’s engine fried and cost me $7,000 to replace.  I did not have that kind of money, and what I did have was supposed to go towards the ring.  Amazingly- with perfect timing, a royalty check arrived in the mail that was shockingly bigger than any other royalty check I had ever received up to that point (and since!).  The check covered the cost of the engine and it enabled me to upgrade the wedding ring.

Then, things really did sort of dry up for a while.  The way my “career” works, money really does tend to be unpredictable.  Licensing deals come at random, so I may get an advance on a licences at the same time I get an advance on a book deal, but then I get nothing a month or two, or three… So as we began wedding planning I realized I really was hitting a financial dry spell (literally only months from the TV show premier).  I had only done Christmas commissions a few months earlier, but I knew I had to try something to help me raise the funds to pay for the wedding.  Paying for the wedding was a big deal to me.  My wife came out of a relationship where she covered the costs of just about everything, which I found deplorable, and it was a huge deal to me to show her I was not only able and willing to cover this gift to her, but that I could be creative in times of need and, if money was not coming in, I could make it show up.  So, along with taking on a few little side jobs, I started the “Axe Cop Wedding” campaign, where I would create special exclusive items like a sketchbook, prints and other stuff (similar to tiers in a Kickstarter campaign).

My brother, Malachai, had already been to a number of weddings because both of our other brothers had been married that same year, and he was always the “ring berrier”.  Malachai loved my new family-to-be.  So I asked him what he would think of doing a comic to help me pay for my wedding.  He was all for it.  I proposed a few ideas, like maybe Axe Cop has a nightmare that he gets married, or maybe a bad guy tricks him into it… because I couldn’t really imagine Axe Cop actually getting married.  But Malachai, very matter-of-fact, said that Axe Cop would marry Axe Girl.  Though, not long into the writing process, somewhere along the way, Malachai decided that Axe Girl was too much like Axe Cop and that Axe Cop would marry his friend.  I have no idea where he hit this, but he had stumbled upon a very classic love story convention…. if you fall in love with someone who is just like you, or who fits your ideal of the perfect person… you probably are really in love with yourself, or your magnificent ideals.  You are not in love with the real person.  If this is you, you do not need to love, you need to get over yourself.  However, if you fall in love with someone who is also your friend, and you love them for who they really are, regardless of who you wanted them to be… you have found one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind.

So Malachai decided that Axe Cop would marry the Water Queen.  We had established that the Water Queen and Axe Cop had some history as friends in President of the World.  I had modeled the Water Queen after my (then) fiance’, assuming it was a cameo role.  Woman characters never last in the Axe Cop universe.  So I thought it would be cute to model her after the love of my life, since she was all I could think about while drawing that book anyway.  Malachai’s reason to make the Water Queen Axe Cop’s wife?  Because Jessica is the Water Queen, and I am Axe Cop.  It is true, often when we play together, Malachai makes me Axe Cop.  That is one reason he stays so consistent.  That first day we “played Axe Cop” together, before the comic even existed, he said I could be Axe Cop and he would be Flute Cop.  That is why Flute Cop so quickly turned into the awesome Dinosaur Soldier.

So the wedding campaign, I have to admit, struggled. It was not like hitting a jackpot.  It was a lot of work, and it was not a huge turnout as far as support and sales… but honestly, it was the perfect amount.  It was not overwhelming.  It was a lot to handle, but not too much.  The money it brought in was basically perfect.  Actually, it was about $5,000 short.  Then, literally on the day that final $5000 payment was due to finalize the wedding venue, another royalty check arrived (no others had arrived since the last one) and covered it almost to the exact dollar.

Having paid off our wedding completely, all the money we were given as gifts from friends and family went to our honeymoon, and that was covered too.  We came home with a little bit of money in the bank to get things started.  Some other amazing things had happened.  One of the things I really wanted to do for my wife was help her cover some of her debts.  A friend from church covered one of her biggest debts as a wedding gift.  Through various means, we covered other debts.  I had worried that going into marriage we would need years to pay off the debts we had between us, and by combining our incomes (my wife is a very hard working hospice nurse and mother) we were able to get almost completely out of debt within the first four months.  Credit cards, student loans, cars, and other fees… all paid off.

So I just want to send a HUGE thanks to the people on this list because you really played a part in helping me accomplish a big dream.  Not just my wedding, but my goal to give a gift to my wife that was really meaningful and indicative of the husband I wanted to show her I was determined to be.  Jessica has deserved for a long time to know that she is truly adored and treasured, and you guys helped me make that very clear to her.  I have never seen her smile like I saw her smile on our wedding day.  There were many happy tears shed all day long.

Now, in marriage, another amazing development.  Another personal goal was to make her job optional.  A couple months into marriage I got another job- a really good job – working for Dreamworks.  I am now writing Veggie Tales and this income pretty much covers what she was bringing in.  For now, we are killing off bills (ugh, taxes) and saving.  Whatever happens… I can’t believe how far we have come in such a short period of time.  I thank God, I thank everyone who supports my work, and I really do want to make sure the people on this list feel thanked.

Side note on the list… if you contributed, or ordered something, and your name is not on this list and you never received anything in the mail, CONTACT ME!  Just click “contact” up in the menu.  We need to make it right.  I did find that a few of the orders did glitch and somehow I got the money, but did not receive the order. I will do what I can to make it right if this happened to you.

Also, if you paid to be in the wedding photo album, it is going to be in the published version.  Axe Cop Vol. 5: Axe Cop Gets Married and Other Stories.

I want to mention that if you download the FOX ADHD iPhone App, you can see all 6 episodes that exist AND ONE NEW ONE.  The new one, When Night Creatures Attack, is really fun.  It is based on the Halloween special we did a couple years ago, as well as one of our  Ask Axe Cops about the Sun Thieves.

Also, check out this leaked preview for the new episodes…

What else?  I will be at Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles this weekend!  I apologize for previously saying it is in Anaheim.  DOH.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for supporting my work!


Ethan Nicolle

Page 203 – Insta-family

As one who dove right into marriage with two kids, I can barely begin to relate to what goes into switching from the single life to being a dad and husband overnight.  Somehow I think Axe Cop can handle it, but it is the Water Queen I worry about.  Though, if she is anything like my wife (who I based her on visually) she’s up to the challenge.

This is the last page of Axe Cop Gets Married!   Next week I post a bonus page that lists those who helped contribute to my wedding campaign.  I know that for most of you this will not be a very exciting page, but these people deserve the mention.

Next week I will be announcing the next Axe Cop story, and we will begin posting new Ask Axe Cop episodes!  So stay tuned, there is a lot still yet to come.  Not to mention new episodes on FOX starting on Nov. 2, and that same weekend you can find me at Comikaze Expo in Anaheim!



Page 202 – I object!

We are so close to the end it’s crazy!  Next week I post the last page!

I think some of you thought Axe Cop would not actually get married in this story.  I think some of you are worried that Axe Cop being married will ruin him.  I think you’re wrong, but only time will tell.  Axe Cop is always funnier when he has a more sensible, responsible adult type character to keep him in check.  I think him having a wife is going to be great.  And now he also has a baby, named Sam.

In the meantime, how about you check out this 8-bit Axe Cop shirt daily deal over at WeLoveFine?

So, see you next week when it all ends!


Page 201 – Here We Are Gathered

This page was a project.  Most of you, if you requested to be drawn “at the wedding” are in this picture.  A few people were in previous pages.  Thanks again to everyone who helped me pull that off!


So, I’m sure it is obvious this story is almost over.  What’s next? Well, I’ve got plans.  I will be focusing on the next Dark Horse miniseries “The American Choppers” next, which will be print-only.  But I have two things to keep you busy for at least the next  22 or so weeks after this story ends, and possibly I take a short break between “seasons”.


First, I have drawn Ask Axe Cop  #100, but I have only posted up to #86, so I have 14 of those to post.  I will post one per week after this story ends.


Also, Tom Martin and his niece Charlotte proved themselves to be a great team on guest episodes, so we have decided to team up and let them do a full-length guest story.  If you need a refresher, here is one of the comics they did for us.  More on this project later!


And, as I have said, new episodes on FOX start Nov. 2!


Malachai and I are currently writing the new story and it’s awesome!  I’m excited to draw the insane stuff he’s coming up with.  We have created so much together I often forger how fun it is until I do it again.  Thanks for reading Axe Cop and making it possible for me to have such a cool job.



Page 200 – Stab!

I love stabbing people with major bodies of water.  Leaves no evidence, it’s clean, refreshing, good for you and the environment… the Water Queen is modeled after my wife in her look, but in this scene she also resembles how thorough and thoughtful she is.


Anyway, as I said last week… I’ll be at Comikaze Expo in Anaheim right at the beginning of November.  You gotta come.


Also, for our next online Axe Cop story line I have a bit of a surprise for you.  More on that soon.




P.S.  Hey, look it’s page 200!  Yay for arbitrary milestones!