Page 213 – You Will Never Be Evil Again

And there it is, the first blow of the coming battle is struck, and it’s called foul right off. The way this came about was in telling the story, Charlotte got to this part and said:

“…Axe Cop walks up with all his pals. And he says to them “you will never be evil again! And then he chops off the little kids’ heads.”

She immediately rethought it and started to go another way, but it was too funny to let go so I kept it. You HAVE to keep a sudden, unprovoked axe attack on little kids to punish the parents. You know, when I type it out like that, it’s not so funny anymore. But… well… at least it’s funny in the Axe Cop universe. Infanticide is many horrible things, but at least we can enjoy that it’s hilarious in the context of an Axe Cop comic.


‎”If The Hulk just played dead,
nobody would ever bother him.”
                                        -Charlotte, 6 years old

Amelia’s in trouble and she thinks her
stuffed bear, Vanilla, has told on her.
She yells 
“Curse you, Vanilla!!”
then throws him down the stairs.
                                        -Amelia, 5 years old

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7 thoughts on “Page 213 – You Will Never Be Evil Again

  1. Yes. In the Axe Cop universe, it is very funny. This is not the first time Axe Cop made a bad decision. There was the sad fate of the Mermen who thought their frowns were good guy looks and Axe Cop cut their heads off. Mr Stocker just keeps getting sacrificed. But all we really have to reflect on is Axe Cop’s unfortunate decisions while babysitting Unibaby.

  2. Don’t forget that Axe Cop regularily brings bad guys he killed back to life. Only to use them as cheap workers, but still.

  3. It’s not the first time Axe Cop has killed evil children, but I suppose they weren’t evil enough this time around, being mere “bullies”. I love the father’s annoyed reaction and retroactive adding of a “rule” like in a playground game, as well as Axe Cop’s immediate compliance.

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