Ask Axe Cop #93 – Blind and Paralyzed

There are a lot of questions surrounding Axe Cop’s methods for determining the hard-lined, black and white morality he can determine before he chops a bad guy’s head off.  Obviously, we know his most common method is to check their front kick or their eye color.  But if the bad guy cannot kick, and does not have eye pigment, Axe Cop employs other methods.  I don’t know why, but I find the shirt-lifting belly button check the most intrusive.  Maybe it’s because I am a self conscious fat guy.




6 thoughts on “Ask Axe Cop #93 – Blind and Paralyzed

  1. The brain one sounds a bit terrifying. After your brain is removed, you’re dead, it’s kind of like a way too late method to use.

  2. Watch out Axe Cop, someone could turn the good-or-bad ray on you and pull up YouTube videos of you chopping down people in wheelchairs that you weren’t sure were bad.

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