Page 212 – Showdown

Well, all right, all that art-talk over the last two blogs was a complete dud and no one cared. Sorry ’bout that.

 I don’t have the time to write up much of a blog this week, I’m under the gun on an art deadline and am cranking out pages. I wouldn’t leave you with nothing, though, so here’s the audio of Amelia telling an Axe Cop story. I requested it be in a smoothie shop because I was trying to tie it in to the comic story, and didn’t wind up using this at all. I definitely don’t have the time to draw it these days, but if anyone  has the time, this’d make a good guest strip.


Me: “I need to take a shower.”
Charlotte: “Why?”
Me: “I need one, I’m stinky.”
She gives me a hug.
Charlotte: “You’re not stinky.”
Me: “Aww, thanks!”
I sneeze.
Charlotte: “But you ARE gross.”
                                        -Charlotte, 6 years old

Amelia is going to get her room painted.
She says she’s going to have pictures painted
of “blocks and tigers and people and butts and people.”
                                        -Amelia, 4 years old

Next week, the first act of aggression in this street fight is about to go down, and it’s a doozy.

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13 thoughts on “Page 212 – Showdown

  1. I liked the art video! I’m just terrible at art.

    Also, I noticed that several comic blogs seemed to link back to the post, so that’s a good thing.

  2. I’m having a really hard time finding these. I come to my bookmarked axecop homepage, but eventually have to use google to find the latest rainbow girl. Can someone tell me where to find the link to new installments on the homepage?

    • I’ve had a hard time with it myself, when I visit the site to look at the old pages. I generally go to archives and scroll to the bottom. There’s GOT to be a better way.

      • It helps to remember that the “PREV” and “NEXT” buttons above and below the comic take you to whatever’s next or previous in the current feature, while the the hyperlinks with the titles and arrows in between the tags and thoughts take you to any adjacent content date-wise, so the latter should be what you use to switch between the latest story episode and the latest Ask Axe Cop. But yes, it would be better if Doug had time to organize the chapters after “The Night Monster”.

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