Page 182 – Shock

Welcome back!  Those of you who had your fists clenched in outrage at Axe Cop’s lack of moral fiber can now rest easy.  He would never decimate two provinces just to impress a girl.  OK maybe he would, but he didn’t this time.  Axe Cop only does that sort of thing when he has a bad birthday party.


Want to read the source material for the new Axe Cop TV episode coming up on Saturday night?  Read Axe Cop Babysits Uni-Baby.  The most obvious difference will be that we replaced Dinosaur Soldier with Sockarang, but Sockarang needed an episode and his personality really worked well for this episode and, though at first it felt weird for me to make that change, I love this episode and I honestly think it is better than the comic version.  If you went to our panel at San Diego Comic Con you already saw this one, but it is definitely worth a second watch!

Page 180 – The Forbidden Move

Continuing one of my favorite scenes in Axe Cop history, Axe Cop is always ready to one-up his opponent.  Of course, you don’t get to find out how until next Tuesday.  It was fun listening to Malachai describe this scene to me, how the whole restaurant watched, and they could see Axe Cop going into a specific stance that made them all freak out and run away because they knew he was about to do “the forbidden move”.

Malachai and I did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) yesterday and it was quite eventful.  We both answered just about every question sent to us within the timeframe (and a little bit beyond).  The definite highlight was when Snoop Dogg (or is it Snoop Lion?) made an apparent appearance and asked who he had to “smoke out” to get on the TV show.  I asked Malachai if he had ever heard of Snoop Dogg and he had not, so I explained he is this rapper guy who is asking who he can give drugs to get on the Axe Cop TV show.  I asked what Axe Cop’s response would be and it was “No drugs.  I hate drugs.  I’m Axe Cop.”  Regardless of his run in with Axe Cop, Snoop Dogg would be a pretty funny cameo on the show, so hopefully it still works out.  I’m sure someone over at ADHD will take him up on his offer.  Malachai and I just aren’t into being smoked out.  Malachai would be more persuaded by video games and me, well maybe a nice cigar or a first edition G.K. Chesterton book or something.   You can read the entire AMA here, or check out some highlights on Bubble Blabber.

Saturday night a new episode of Axe Cop will air on FOX.  This time it’s Book Cop, and for a lot of us, this was our favorite episode to write.  It turned out so awesome and it features the voice of Jonathan Banks (Mike from Breaking Bad) as Book Cop.  If you want to do your research, read the original set of Ask Axe Cop’s (#39 and #40)about the 4th of July, which will be the source material for the show.

I think that is all I have for now.  Seems like so much is going on.  If you ordered a print or sketchbook or other stuff for the wedding campaign, I am in the middle of packing all that up while I simultaneously try to meet a deadline for Dark Horse on the next book.  This may be my last mailing spree for a while!  It is so much work.  Thanks for reading, and commenting!  I love your feedback.



Episode 178

It’s so nice to be back, and to have pages to post.  One of my favorite scenes in the history of Axe Cop continues.  Sometimes in an Axe Cop story we fly from scene to scene, but every once in a while it works better to follow the action from punch to kick to punch, and that just felt right in this scene.  I love the idea of a live action Axe Cop martial arts film.  Some day just maybe it will happen… after seeing Axe Cop come to FOX, airing right after Family Guy, truly anything can happen it seems.


Some interesting videos have been released.  Here is an interview with Axe Cop on USA Today.  This interview was actually scripted off of a recorded phone call between Malachai and me.  A video featuring Nick Offerman and me was posted on E! about voicing Axe Cop.  There were also a couple of other videos on TV Guide interviewing Offerman and Ken Marino (Flute Cop) as well as Matt and Dave (writers on the show) and Nick Weidenfeld (the head of ADHD).  This is all to lead up to the true premier of Axe Cop and FOX ADHD this Saturday night at 11:00 pm (pacific time).  The epsiode will be called “Zombie Island in Space” and it’s nothing short of epic.  This episode uses  the “Ultimate Battle” story line as source material, so review that if you want to do your homework.  Zombie Island in Space is its own story though, so don’t get all anal about where the two are different.  To fit the 40 page Ultimate Battle storyline into 11 minutes would not do it justice.  We decided the best thing to do would be to extract multiple stories from it… so this episode takes the Dr. Doo/zombie portions of the story and saves the Baby Man, Lobster Man and other elements for later.


I’d also like to remind you that I do another web comic called Bearmageddon.  It is not for kids, but it is a horror/action/comedy and those who give it a try seem to really enjoy it.


Lastly, if you ordered anything from me for the Wedding campaign, have no fear.  I am in the midst of order fulfillment now that Comic Con is behind me.  I’m going to try to get all that stuff mailed out in the next couple of weeks.




Episode 176

-DS, 7/17

Welcome to the new Axe Cop web site! Can I get a round of applause for Doug and Mike who busted their behinds to make sure Bearmageddon and Axe Cop made it back online in time for Comic Con?

I won’t be around to update on Thursday, so this is going to be this week’s post, but as soon as I get home we will be back on the Tuesday and Thursday schedule. Kailey and I have actually been cranking away on these pages because the full book that includes this story is set to print and they need it soon.

The first airing ever of the Axe Cop TV series (if you are not at Comic Con) will be this Sunday night, July 21st at 9:30pm on FOX right after Family Guy! From then on it will be every Saturday night at 11:00pm.

Going to San Diego Comic Con? Come see me at booth #1603, right next to my best friend Doug TenNapel. I have some overflow of the wedding sketchbooks, prints and new Axe Cop books to sell! Also, Malachai will be there Friday and Saturday. Here are Axe Cop related events you won’t want
to miss:

Friday at noon, Mezco Toyz booth: Ethan and Malachai signing (they will have some cool goodies and Axe Cop toyz available for the first time ever!)

Friday 6:45pm Room 6DE, FOX Animation Domination High Def Panel: this panel will cover all of the stuff FOX ADHD will be bringing to late night on FOX, but Axe Cop is considered its “flagship” show and they will show the first epsode of Axe Cop at the panel. Malachai and I will also be present as well as other talent involved with the shows.

Friday 8:00pm Room 6DE Axe Cop Panel: The main event! Please take note, this panels is RIGHT AFTER the ADHD panel and is in the SAME ROOM. So it is the perfect double feature. We will also show the Axe Cop episode at this event and, this just in, Mike Nelson of RiffTrax/MST3K will be moderating. We have some awesome things planned for you guys, and Malachai is excited to choreograph some cosplayer fights.

Please note that FOX ADHD is hosting a special showing of Axe Cop at 8:30pm on Friday night in their tent, but that conflicts with the Axe Cop panel, so really, you should come to the panel it’s just going to be a lot cooler.

Episode 175

Here’s the next page of Axe Cop Gets Married, where he takes the Water Queen on the best date ever. I was going to get someone to do a true translation on this Chinese for me, but I think it is probably funnier with Axe Cop speaking Google Translate simplified Chinese. If you can read what he is saying let me know.

I just found out that at Comic Con there will be a 57 foot Axe Cop balloon over the FOX ADHD tent! They will also be handing out posters and figurines. It is going to be pretty amazing.

Episode 174

Well, and are still both down. We are still in the process of trying to salvage Bearmageddon. With Axe Cop I decided to do what I’ve needed to do for a while and rebuild the site. Sadly, all those old blogs and comments and stuff will be gone, but the site will be less cluttered and have a new look. Nice and clean and functional. In the meantime I will start posing episodes here on my Tumblr. Hopefully Axe Cop will be back up in time for SDCC and the TV show air date! Thanks for reading and bearing with me through this mess.