Page 180 – The Forbidden Move

Continuing one of my favorite scenes in Axe Cop history, Axe Cop is always ready to one-up his opponent.  Of course, you don’t get to find out how until next Tuesday.  It was fun listening to Malachai describe this scene to me, how the whole restaurant watched, and they could see Axe Cop going into a specific stance that made them all freak out and run away because they knew he was about to do “the forbidden move”.

Malachai and I did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) yesterday and it was quite eventful.  We both answered just about every question sent to us within the timeframe (and a little bit beyond).  The definite highlight was when Snoop Dogg (or is it Snoop Lion?) made an apparent appearance and asked who he had to “smoke out” to get on the TV show.  I asked Malachai if he had ever heard of Snoop Dogg and he had not, so I explained he is this rapper guy who is asking who he can give drugs to get on the Axe Cop TV show.  I asked what Axe Cop’s response would be and it was “No drugs.  I hate drugs.  I’m Axe Cop.”  Regardless of his run in with Axe Cop, Snoop Dogg would be a pretty funny cameo on the show, so hopefully it still works out.  I’m sure someone over at ADHD will take him up on his offer.  Malachai and I just aren’t into being smoked out.  Malachai would be more persuaded by video games and me, well maybe a nice cigar or a first edition G.K. Chesterton book or something.   You can read the entire AMA here, or check out some highlights on Bubble Blabber.

Saturday night a new episode of Axe Cop will air on FOX.  This time it’s Book Cop, and for a lot of us, this was our favorite episode to write.  It turned out so awesome and it features the voice of Jonathan Banks (Mike from Breaking Bad) as Book Cop.  If you want to do your research, read the original set of Ask Axe Cop’s (#39 and #40)about the 4th of July, which will be the source material for the show.

I think that is all I have for now.  Seems like so much is going on.  If you ordered a print or sketchbook or other stuff for the wedding campaign, I am in the middle of packing all that up while I simultaneously try to meet a deadline for Dark Horse on the next book.  This may be my last mailing spree for a while!  It is so much work.  Thanks for reading, and commenting!  I love your feedback.



11 thoughts on “Page 180 – The Forbidden Move

  1. I rather wish I could’ve caught Axe Cop this past weekend… I set it up to record on Saturday, came to watch the recording on Sunday, and… sports. All sports. Wasn’t even a GAME, it was just training crap. Thanks a lot, Fox.

  2. I am always amazed by the story. However…how can it be a secret move if everyone in the restaurant recognizes it?

  3. I like how Malachai is getting good at telling stories that are genuinely thrilling besides just delightfully insane. This strip does a fantastic job of showing how incredibly awesome the Forbidden Move is rather than just telling us.

  4. Do you have a forum on your site? I want somewhere to rant and rave about how great the series is turning out to be.

    Episode 1 I was a little iffy, but they are very very quickly finding their feet, and it really feels like this show could take off. Somehow those dudes are making believable characters out of axe cop.

    I think flute cop on the tv series is my favorite. They really play up how he just kinda sits around doing nothing watching axe cop be awesome. I dunno its really good and even more epic than I imagined. The secret attack fight with the king in episode 3 somehow threw me right back to the old JRPG days.

    • I think that when I mention a new episode it can be discussed here in the comments. We had a forum in the past, but it stayed pretty dead and became a den of obnoxious robo-spam.

      I love Flute Cop too, Ken Marino is so great. He improves most of those lines based on the script we give him. He is a huge fan of Axe Cop too.

      We called Malachai to ask him what moves Book Cop and the King would do in a secret attack fight and he gave us most of those moves including the Book Eclipse.

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