Episode 179 – Gong-Jo!

Sorry for the later-than-usual-in-the-day post, but we ran out to the beach this morning, then spent the day with the Cramp family, who we love.  Cliff Cramp, aka the guy who did the cover art for the Star Wars Blu Ray set, is one of the best men I know and has an amazing family.


It’s been quite a week!  The new Axe Cop TV show on FOX has been received very well, and episode 2: Zombie Island… In Space! aired Saturday.


Well, at the moment the kids are waiting for me to read their bed time story, but check in at http://www.reddit.com/r/IAMA tomorrow at 2pm Eastern time to catch an “Ask Me Anything” session with Malachai and me.



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11 thoughts on “Episode 179 – Gong-Jo!

  1. I just love the continuing belt one-upmanship. It’s the perfect running gag that aside the actual substantive fighting moves and mystical powers, true grandstanding requires showing off how special your belt is.

  2. Oh, also I love how this episode dealt with the “everyone is dead” plot hole from the original story. “Suddenly we’re not dead for some reason! And it’s definitely not going to be explained! Hurray!”

    On the subject of the show in general, I love the extra sound gags that wouldn’t work in comic form, like when Flute Cop plays a quick requiem on his flute (recorder). Now we know at least one good reason for keeping him as Flute Cop for a little longer before introducing Dinosaur Soldier.

  3. Loved the Zombine Island in Space episode, Ethan! This show reminds me of Walking Dead, in that the comics and the show are very different, but they are both awesome in their own way!

  4. how do you guys manage to make slapstick content on such facially realistic characters? cause the only characters that were ever capable of slapstick expressions over the years were stick figure-characters and squash N’ stretch-characters, but in axe cop, you give realistically drawn characters some slapstick expression, how do you two do it?

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