Episode 181 – Provinces

…And that is the Forbidden Move.  Forbidden mostly because it murders a LOT of people in the process of smashing your opponent with a state (or in this case province.  I think.).

Did you see Axe Cop on FOX last Saturday?  This is my favorite episode so far.  Book Cop.  It’s packed with secret attacks and is extremely epic.  The amazing voice performances of Jonathan Banks and Jared Harris also make it quite spectacular.  Here it is:



For reference, check out Ask Axe Cop #39 and #40.  We involved Malachai in choreographing that final fight.  He gave us a list of possible secret attacks, including the book eclipse.

We’ve been slowly putting the site back together (Or should I say, Doug has.  You will recognize Doug as the guy on our Facebook page who marks all his posts “DS”.  Thanks Doug!).  The downloads page is back with all sorts of wallpapers, icons and other stuff.  Also, the Store page is back up and running with plenty of options.

Well, I have a lot of drawing to do.  Thanks for reading Axe Cop, and if you came here because you saw the show and wanted to check out the original, thank you!




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29 thoughts on “Episode 181 – Provinces

  1. “An American Story” is, IMHO, the first episode that has exceeded the source material for pure, unadulterated laughter on my part.

    Seriously, I loved it.

    • Yeah it was our favorite to write because instead of cutting stuff out to make it fit 11 minutes, we were able expand it, so we got to basically keep everything and play it out more.

  2. Oh man, I loved last week’s episode of Axe Cop. (although I had to watch it online, I kindly gave up my tv watching time so my mother could finally watch “The Help” that night) I especially loved how they snuck in Axe Cop’s poisoned cake attack at the end.

  3. So, uhm wouldn’t hundreds of millions of Chinese people in the province be suddenly and terribly killed by that action?

    • Read “the Ultimate Battle”. We could not fit all the stuff from that story into one episode, so we used bits of it, and saved the rest for later.

  4. Oh hands down, this weekend’s episode was fantastic. I loved how many references worked their way into it (“Thank you, God, for making sharks evil!”) I’m also liking how the Flute Cop character is turning into the plot hole guy (“Uh…did you plan on me not eating that cake too?”) but its subtle enough that it doesn’t disrupt the flow of the story.

    I’m liking how the show turns out.

    • Speaking of Flute Cop, I like how on one hand, he’s the ‘normal guy’, who has a family, a house, and doesn’t spend all night in a cat suit hunting people over rooftops…

      …Then, when you start thinking that he’s the normal guy…you suddenly remember he’s Flute Cop.

    • Uh, the whole point was to impress the Water Queen by doing hours of fighting. He could have saved himself every bit of fighting.

  5. I really love how this is basically any attack from Final Fantasy VII, which was released before Malachai was born. What a beautiful world we (and Axe Cop) live in.

  6. This is really terrific in its excess. It’s like how in Final Fantasy you’ll do a summon that will, like, destroy an entire planet to cause 7,000 points of damage, and the world will be fine afterwards. But Malachai’s imagination probably surpasses even late-90’s Square.

  7. Axe Cop has been known for some hilariously unbeatable attacks, but this one takes the cake. So over-the-top, so unexpected, I loved it. Even the tidal wave from the Book Cop episode wasn’t this epic. Am I wrong, or is this the strongest ability since unicorn horns? 😛

  8. A couple things from the new episode…

    The British soldiers killed by the poison tidal wave attack… when they screamed, it totally sounded like a scream from Starcraft when you click on one of the Terran buildings.

    Is the King of England sitting on the Iron Throne? That seriously looks like the Iron Throne.

    Also, Book Cop is even more of a douche than Axe Cop. Every time he talks to his wife I die a little inside.

  9. Did I see the TV show? No!

    I saw the first episode, but every other one has been preempted by sports reporting. Are there any planned repeats? My DVR can’t find any.

    Grumble, Grumble, Grumble

    My family all loved the first episode and love the comic and the Munchkin game.

    Dad (with 2 13s and a 10)

      • Yup, this is my lot too. DC’s Fox 5 insists sports take precedence over what’s actually listed on my DVR’s schedule.

        I know I can watch it online, but I was really looking forward to seeing good ol’ Axey Smartist on my TV screen. 🙁

  10. The book cop TV episode was just fantastic. My favorite bit is the “foreshadowed” final attack.

    Also loving everything about flute cop in episodes 2 and 3.

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