Episode 174

Well, Axecop.com and Bearmageddon.com are still both down. We are still in the process of trying to salvage Bearmageddon. With Axe Cop I decided to do what I’ve needed to do for a while and rebuild the site. Sadly, all those old blogs and comments and stuff will be gone, but the site will be less cluttered and have a new look. Nice and clean and functional. In the meantime I will start posing episodes here on my Tumblr. Hopefully Axe Cop will be back up in time for SDCC and the TV show air date! Thanks for reading and bearing with me through this mess.

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8 thoughts on “Episode 174

  1. Hey Ethan,
    Big fan of the Axe cop (and Bearmageddon) series, but as an ABC (American-born Chinese), I can tell you that many of the Chinese translations are not exactly correct. For example, in Axe Cop’s last dialogue bubble, the characters used for “defeat” (失敗) are more accurately translated as “fail” (as in “The plan has failed”). Also the characters used for “fighters” (戰鬥機) actually translates to “fighter jets”. Obviously you’re not a native Chinese speaker, so I’ll cut you some slack =) Keep up the great work!!

    • Yeah I was actually going to get someone to write translations for me, but I thought the Google translations would be funnier, and easier because I often letter pages last minute and would not want to have to wait to get translations back.

      If you want to sent me better tranlations I can update them for the book release. Just email them to me at info at axecop.com

    • Yeah we lost some content in the transfer. Some of it we will find ways to restore. The future episodes will have alt texts as did today’s (#177)

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