Episode 175

Here’s the next page of Axe Cop Gets Married, where he takes the Water Queen on the best date ever. I was going to get someone to do a true translation on this Chinese for me, but I think it is probably funnier with Axe Cop speaking Google Translate simplified Chinese. If you can read what he is saying let me know.

I just found out that at Comic Con there will be a 57 foot Axe Cop balloon over the FOX ADHD tent! They will also be handing out posters and figurines. It is going to be pretty amazing.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 175

  1. The Chinese is Google Translate level, but even without the captions I can understand what he’s saying pretty well. If you need help lemme know. 🙂

  2. That’s a relief … my son (Chinese-educated, Malachai’s age) & I had offered via your Facebook page to do the translations, and when I saw the page already up I assumed we’d been rejected! Okay, now we’ll take a closer look.

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