Episode 176

-DS, 7/17

Welcome to the new Axe Cop web site! Can I get a round of applause for Doug and Mike who busted their behinds to make sure Bearmageddon and Axe Cop made it back online in time for Comic Con?

I won’t be around to update on Thursday, so this is going to be this week’s post, but as soon as I get home we will be back on the Tuesday and Thursday schedule. Kailey and I have actually been cranking away on these pages because the full book that includes this story is set to print and they need it soon.

The first airing ever of the Axe Cop TV series (if you are not at Comic Con) will be this Sunday night, July 21st at 9:30pm on FOX right after Family Guy! From then on it will be every Saturday night at 11:00pm.

Going to San Diego Comic Con? Come see me at booth #1603, right next to my best friend Doug TenNapel. I have some overflow of the wedding sketchbooks, prints and new Axe Cop books to sell! Also, Malachai will be there Friday and Saturday. Here are Axe Cop related events you won’t want
to miss:

Friday at noon, Mezco Toyz booth: Ethan and Malachai signing (they will have some cool goodies and Axe Cop toyz available for the first time ever!)

Friday 6:45pm Room 6DE, FOX Animation Domination High Def Panel: this panel will cover all of the stuff FOX ADHD will be bringing to late night on FOX, but Axe Cop is considered its “flagship” show and they will show the first epsode of Axe Cop at the panel. Malachai and I will also be present as well as other talent involved with the shows.

Friday 8:00pm Room 6DE Axe Cop Panel: The main event! Please take note, this panels is RIGHT AFTER the ADHD panel and is in the SAME ROOM. So it is the perfect double feature. We will also show the Axe Cop episode at this event and, this just in, Mike Nelson of RiffTrax/MST3K will be moderating. We have some awesome things planned for you guys, and Malachai is excited to choreograph some cosplayer fights.

Please note that FOX ADHD is hosting a special showing of Axe Cop at 8:30pm on Friday night in their tent, but that conflicts with the Axe Cop panel, so really, you should come to the panel it’s just going to be a lot cooler.

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14 thoughts on “Episode 176

  1. Loving Axecop, but I’m not impressed by Fox ADHD, which is mostly just smut videos. Axecop is an all-ages character and doesn’t really belong there. Just sayin’

    • I have lot of sympathy with you on this. I never liked Adult Swim for the most part and I knew I would most likely not like anything on ADHD. I’m not a big fan of the humor style or the crassness and making so much of the humor dependent on how naughty or shocking the show is. But the truth is, Axe Cop is not all-ages. All ages is Finding Nemo or Aladdin. Axe Cop is not something that would ever make it onto an all ages block of cartoons without being drastically changed and tamed. Axe Cop is little boy on a rampage, uncensored. The only way to retain that was to not make it a kids’ show.

      I went with the FOX ADHD deal because of two important factors. One, they knew and loved the comic. They were not just picking it up because it was a hot property to brand and reinterpret and make edgy without really even reading the comics. Also, I was able to keep my rights to the comic and other non-TV aspects of Axe Cop. I actually did get an offer from one of the kids networks and we turned it down because they wanted to pay us less than I make in one year to buy out Axe Cop and own it outright. It is rare for a network to not demand all the rights to a property. FOX ADHD was at such an experimental and budding stage, they were willing to try.

      In the end you have to just decide if the show is for you or not. Don’t watch the other shows if they are not your thing. Tivo the episode or watch it online. If you don’t like the show itself, you don’t have to watch it. The comic is still here and Malachai and I still have complete creative control over it. This comic is our baby, that show is depiction of our baby.

      • I appreciate the reply, and I’m definitely a big fan of this cartoon. It’s frankly a brilliant idea and the art just seems to get better each episode. I dunno, it just doesn’t seem to fit in with ADHD and the very strong content there, and you may alienate some of your readers/viewers by proxy to some of that stuff. Axe Cop isn’t necessarily all-ages, sure, but it’s definitely more of a general audience comic than sex humor about mutant turtles, or Spider-man’s anatomy, etc.

  2. A brief Axe Cop famine followed by an almost-complete martial arts tournament held for the express purpose of demonstrating Axe Cop’s love for the Water Queen? And the TV series is finally about to debut? Oh, and the new site is good too.

    Yes, indeed I think this has more than made up for the gap in updates.

  3. Hi Ethan,
    Good to see the site back up!
    I just watched the first episode of the Axe Cop TV Series and I think it’s great! It really captures the spirit of the comic while using narrative elements that wouldn’t work in a comic but work great in animation. I particularly liked how Axe Cop shushes Grey Diamond 🙂
    I am looking forward to the next episodes!

  4. I know it is 2015 and there is a low chance of Ethan or anybody reading this but it is an amazing series so yeah good job Ethan and malachai

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