Songster #6: Origin of the Songster – Part 1


All right, song 2! I feel like PT makes this feel like Axe Cop’s “Temple of Doom” story. I don’t know. Thanks Parry for giving us more beats to get down to. Part two comes next week, or you can get the full origin on Patreon.

Check out this blog about the details and exclusive items for my trip to Seattle for ECCC. Here are a couple things I’ll have available…

Limited Edition Print


Coloring Kit


New Stickers!

(Based on art from the first-ever Axe Cop screen print!)

Get all the details in the blog. See you there!



3 thoughts on “Songster #6: Origin of the Songster – Part 1

  1. That might be the first time those words have ever been rhymed.
    This is also unusually accurate science for Axe Cop, and a legit warning to all readers. Gotta wear your welding mask.

  2. I’m glad that they were living inside a self-contained environment on the Moon. Everyone knows you can only live unprotected INSIDE the Moon, not on it.

    Consistency is important!

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