Legos and Tattoos

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Well, only one more week of Axe Cop comics online until I take a break for my wedding and honeymoon in May.  That will also be the last month the Axe Cop Wedding sketchbook and print will be available at


I don't know if I mentioned this yet, but Chris Hastings (Dr. McNinja) and I interviewed one another recently over at the Dark Horse Blog.  We did this once before and we have both had a lot of fun doing it.  We tend to ask each other questions we don't normally get asked in interviews so it makes for an interesting conversation.


I had a fan named Jake Fahy send me this awesome image of his lego Axe Cop and Wexter:



And, I can't remember if this is the first Axe Cop related tattoos I have seen, but it is definitely the coolest:



That's all I've got for now.  See you Friday.



No Jabs

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I'm curious if anyone will guess what martial arts film star that is based on in the center panel.  Poor guy.


Rugburn is back with another episode of the Moon Warriors.  I have to admit when they ran this episode past me it didn't dawn on me that it's an INVISIBLE fire shield, therefore you should not be able to see flames.  That is why I tried to draw the ninjas faces burning off without fire on them in the first place (which was super awkward).  I guess we can say that thanks to movie magic the flames are now visible.  Seeing the fire dumptruck in action was as awesome and terrible as expected.  Please enjoy…



Also, here is the latest update on the Wedding Print!  My wedding is only about 3 weeks away!  AGH!!  If you like how this print is looking, please buy it now!  It will help me have some money for my honeymoon.  You can buy the print by itself here, or you can buy it in a package deal here.  Thanks a ton to everyone who has bought one so far.
My other web comic, Bearmageddon, has reached 100 pages.  I am putting it on a small hiatus to focus on my wedding.  Axe Cop will be going on hiatus through May, and in that time I will be welcoming guest episodes to fill the void, so please, if you would like to do an Axe Cop  guest comic, send it to [email protected]!
Thanks for reading.  See you next week!

Evil Bunky

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I know what you are going to say.  That is not a monkey, it is an ape.  I just really wanted to draw a bat gorilla.  I saw a chance and I took it. Close enough.  


I've been in the Axe Cop Writing Room this week, unexpectedly (we now have a twitter by the way).  So it has caused me to fall a little behind.  I got this page to Kailey late, so she wasn't able to finish it on time, so here it is a day late, but at least it is here.  Friday, if all goes well, I will post a new Ask Axe Cop.



9 Ben!

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We get asked this question somewhat often, so it was fun to reimagine the 9 leftover Ben-Matnga as adults.  A lot more work to draw too.  The original designs were out of my resistance to drawing 10 characters on a team.  So much work!  I embraced it a ittle more this time, but if I ever have to draw these guys in a story I'll kill myself.


I'm pretty whiped out because I am working on the TV show right now on top of many other things.  Hope you enjoyed today's comic.  Here is more progress on the print.  If you want ot buy a copy of it (limited to 200, signed, numbered, 18×24 screen print) go here.


Also cool, check out these comparison shots from the 2nd live action Axe Cop video made by Peter Muehlenberg and friends.  These guys were insanely faithful to the comic!  Basically word for word and shot for shot.


Alright, well I need to pass out so I can drive in traffic 50 miles to work on the show in the morning.  By the time I wake up, you will have seen this.


Super Speed

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Hello again.  We had to post the page a little late today because I got the art to Kailey later than usual and she needed some exra time.  

If you have been following the progress on the print I am working on for the wedding campaign, we've set up a page where you can buy the print all by itself without going into the registry.  You can do that here.  We are going to be selling a special print package soon too, so if you would like the chance to get a pack of a bunch of prints at a better rate, stay tuned for that.  If you simply want this print, and this print alone, click the link.  It is $25 plus shipping and limited only to those who buy it during the wedding campaign through May.  I am also limiting the print run to 200.  Here is the most recent update on the screen print design.  When it is done it will be two colors, 18×24:

Soon I will also be offering the Axe Cop/Earthworm Jim print by Doug TenNapel and me, signed by both of us!