Wonder Con Panel!

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Any kid who attends First Baptist Church is a little diappointed when they find out it is not actually the first one.  Malachai attend such a church, so it made sense to him that his character would start a first Laptist church, because it really would be the first.

I will be at Wonder Con on Saturday at the ADHD panel.  I wish I could afford to exhibit but I have neither the time nor money right now.  The panel is about ADHD, Fox's new block of late night animation with Axe Cop as it's flagship show.  I don't know what they plan to show or talk about, but I will be there.  Here is the info:


Nick Weidenfeld, head of FOX's all-new Saturday late-night programming block, Animation Domination High-Def, will preview an exclusive first look at these exciting new alternative animated series including Axe Cop and High School USA! Joining the panel Q&A will be ADHD creative director Ben Jones, Ethan Nicolle, co-creator of the hitAxe Cop graphic novel and Axe Cop executive producersMatt Silverstein and Dave Jeser (Drawn Together).
Saturday March 30, 2013 5:30pm – 6:30pm 
Room 300DE


Hope to see you there!



Love Triangle

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You know Malachai is getting older when he unintentionally works a love triangle into his story.  I actually moved all my stuff, my entire office, between last episode and this one.  I am amazed that I am keeping up, though I know my colorists on both of my web comics know I am getting close running out of pages on both (this and Bearmageddon).  I have done a little more plugging away at the Axe Cop print as well.  If you want to order this print just go to the wedding site and order anything from the registry that includes the exclusive screen print.



That's all for now.  Would you like to do an Axe COp guest episode?  Let me know.  I could use some content during this hectic period of my life and it will help to promote your work to this audience.  



Good Wives

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I'm excited to marry my own good wife.  I am still trying to raise the money for that wedding.  The exclusive screen print is still being worked on, and you can follow it's progress over at www.axecopwedding.com.


Also, I am doing a team-up piece with Doug TenNapel, creator of Earthworm Jim and good friend (he's going to be my best man).  He is doing this as a favor to me.  He started this piece and I will finish it. It will be the first time we have ever teamed up on a piece of art… I'll draw Axe Cop in where he is penciled here and we will draw Axe Cop and Earthworm Jim on a team.  We will auction off the original piece and proceeds will go to help fund my wedding. 


Also, RUGBURN is back with the new MOON WARRIORS story.  Check it out below.  I did the voice of the Vampire Man Baby Kid, and the Moon Warriors are voiced by famous YouTube dudes Ed Skudder (Dick Figures) and Shane Dawson.



Well i am in the middle of moving and my computer will be torn down today along with my whole office.  I am going to try to get some guest episodes lined up for next week.  If you would be interested in contributing guest episodes, please contact me.  I will definitely need them in May when the wedding and honeymoon will be.  Until then i am going to do my best to keep posting new pages every tuesday and friday as often as possible amidst the chaos of the next 50 days.



New Screen Print!

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Apologies for no new page update on tuesday!  Kailey, my highly dependable and skilled colorist had an emergency in her life and could not finish the page.  I appreciate the time she puts in coloring these pages, but you never know what life will throw at you.  


In case you have not been keeping up witht he Facebook or Twitter accounts, or the blog over at www.AxeCopWedding.com, I have been working in this new screen print for about an hour a day and posting my progress. (click to enlarge)

If you see a character missing you can make a recommendation in the comments section of the wedding blog.  If you want to order this print (it will only be available to order through the wedding campaign) you can buy any package in the registry that includes the print (it is also under mix/match in any package).  We are less than 60 days from my wedding and some pretty big bills are on the horizon.  I need to sell a good amount more stuff if we are going to pull this off.  We don't have anythin for the honeymoon yet.  Thanks so mcuch to everyone who has ordered.


Also, FOX ADHD has been posting some art from the TV show, due out July 27th.  Check it out!


Bat Warthog Man voiced by Vincent Kartheiser of Mad Men



Axe Cop about to turn into AXE COP FIRE:


Sockarang, voiced by Patton Oswalt:


And Flute Cop voiced by the hilarious Ken Marino:


Happy 9th Birthday Malachai!

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I'm editing this blog so that is runs with the new episode.  I posted this yesterday because it was Malachai's birthday.  So please check out the videos below and leave my little brother a birthday message in the comments.


It's Malachai's birthday!  He is now 9.  Please take a moment and wish him a happy birthday and let him know how much you've enjoyed the adventures of Axe Cop these last three years.  Belows are some cell phone videos I took at Mezco Toys where we visited two days ago to check out the prototypes of the new line of Axe Cop action figures!  Sorry for the verticle screen.



Malachai tries to give some art direction.  At one point he requested the figures be made from diamonds.

Still in NY

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Hey Head Choppers,

I'm in New York still.  Today I am flying home and won't have time to update the next episode of Axe Cop Gets Married in time, so instead I am giving you this new guest episode by Tom Martin.  You may remember Tom's amazing work from Guest Episodes 31 and 32.  I love Tom's work because not only is he a solid artist, he works with the kids in his life to write these comics and really captures the Axe Cop style.  If I ever had the money to hire out work on another Axe Cop story, I'd hire Tom.  I love his contributions!  Also, if you have never heard Tom's band Lich King's song about Axe Cop, you should change that.  It's head chopping thrash metal:




Well, Malachai and I went to Mezco today to see the prototypes of the Axe Cop toys.  They look even more beautiful in person.  We had a lot of fun with the team at Mezco and Malachai gave them a lot of recommendations like that the toys should be remote control and able to tranform, throw fire axes and be made of diamonds.  I'm excited to see more of these as they are released.  They are doing an awesome job.



Frog Kingdom

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I'm in New York with my family.  My Dad rented a tiny one bedroom apartment and all 6 of us are crammed in here like sardines.  I'd like the people who think Malachai and I live the life of the richa and famous now.  We will be at Webvisions this afternoon.

Also, my Axe Cop and Wexter 16'x20″ walnut ink piece is still available on eBay.  You can bid on it for about 11 more hours!




Axe Cop and Wexter on ebay!

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I spent a good amount of time drawing this piece of Axe Cop and Wexter and now I am ready to part with it.  It is one of the only large-format detailed originals I have done of the two characters together and this cell phone snap shot of it doesn't even do it justice.  Hopefully it will find a good home.  You can bid on it until Saturday evening.

First date

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We are covering a lot of new ground for Axe Cop here.  I am sure people will wonder where a lot of this stuff is coming from, because it's true, Malachai did not script these scenes.  A lot of this stuff he described to me in simpler terms and I pieced together the dialog from various sources.  For instance, some of the dialog here between Axe Cop and the Rainbow Princess is from conversations Malachai has had with my future step daughter, Lily, who is his same age.  She asked Malachai while he was dressed as Axe Cop why he fights bad guys and he slouched back, annoyed, sighing indignantly and answered just as Axe Cop did here.  As if it was the dumbest question he had ever heard.  Malachai looked at the drawing i did of the Rainbow Princess and said her pigtails are dumb, so i used that.


Well I will see Malachai in a couple days.  We will be speaking at Web Visions in New York on Friday.  It's going to be a really fun event and you should definitely come.  Our whole family will be there.  My Dad pursued an opera career in New York before I was ever born and has talked about his time there our whole lives.  It will be fun to  go back to the city he's talk so much about and spend some time as a family.  I am going to try to keep updates posting during this trip.  I may post a guest episode, we'll see.  Thanks for reading!