Evil Bunky

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I know what you are going to say.  That is not a monkey, it is an ape.  I just really wanted to draw a bat gorilla.  I saw a chance and I took it. Close enough.  


I've been in the Axe Cop Writing Room this week, unexpectedly (we now have a twitter by the way).  So it has caused me to fall a little behind.  I got this page to Kailey late, so she wasn't able to finish it on time, so here it is a day late, but at least it is here.  Friday, if all goes well, I will post a new Ask Axe Cop.



9 Ben!

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We get asked this question somewhat often, so it was fun to reimagine the 9 leftover Ben-Matnga as adults.  A lot more work to draw too.  The original designs were out of my resistance to drawing 10 characters on a team.  So much work!  I embraced it a ittle more this time, but if I ever have to draw these guys in a story I'll kill myself.


I'm pretty whiped out because I am working on the TV show right now on top of many other things.  Hope you enjoyed today's comic.  Here is more progress on the print.  If you want ot buy a copy of it (limited to 200, signed, numbered, 18×24 screen print) go here.


Also cool, check out these comparison shots from the 2nd live action Axe Cop video made by Peter Muehlenberg and friends.  These guys were insanely faithful to the comic!  Basically word for word and shot for shot.


Alright, well I need to pass out so I can drive in traffic 50 miles to work on the show in the morning.  By the time I wake up, you will have seen this.


Super Speed

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Hello again.  We had to post the page a little late today because I got the art to Kailey later than usual and she needed some exra time.  

If you have been following the progress on the print I am working on for the wedding campaign, we've set up a page where you can buy the print all by itself without going into the registry.  You can do that here.  We are going to be selling a special print package soon too, so if you would like the chance to get a pack of a bunch of prints at a better rate, stay tuned for that.  If you simply want this print, and this print alone, click the link.  It is $25 plus shipping and limited only to those who buy it during the wedding campaign through May.  I am also limiting the print run to 200.  Here is the most recent update on the screen print design.  When it is done it will be two colors, 18×24:

Soon I will also be offering the Axe Cop/Earthworm Jim print by Doug TenNapel and me, signed by both of us!



Dr. Googleman!

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Today's Ask Axe Cop episode comes courtesy of one very dedicated Axe Cop fan named Adam who took the Golden Mustache option on the AxeCopWedding.com registry so that he could become a character in the Axe Cop universe.  I am offering only two good guys and two bad guys, and one good guy has been taken.  There are other options to be in the background at the wedding and in the comic.  Check out the options in the registry to pick something that suits your budget and your desires.  It's a cool gift to give a fan of the comic and it is a gift to me because it helps me pay for my wedding next month.  HUGE thanks to Adam for purchasing the Golden Mustache, and for showing us how Malachai thinks Google works.  Basically, Adam sent me some details about himself:  he works at Google, he got a PHD at Harvard, etc.  Malachai grabbed onto the details he could comprehend and made this character and story up based on that info.


We have two awesome videos to share today!  First, RugBurn is back with another epsiode of the Moon Warriors!


Also, you may remember Peter Muehlenberg and friends' first live action Axe Cop short film from over a year ago.  Well, they have completed the second episode, and once again they have translated the comic almost shot for shot into live action.  Impressive work!  If anyone wants to take the time to make images comparing the shots from this film to the images in the comic, I'd love to post them.  I am just on too much of a time crunch to do it right now.  If you do match up the images, send them my way via email: [email protected]
That's all for today.  Planning on continuing Axe Cop Gets Married next week.  See you then!

You’re Invited

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I finally designed the Axe Cop Wedding Invite!  Here it is.  I called Malachai and we discussed what he would want the invite to say and this is what we came up with.  Having gone through a lot of RSVP hassle lately, the head chopping option sounds great.   If you are one of the people who orders Axe Cop some “Weaponized Poison Flowers” or higher from his Registry, you will be getting this invitation in the mail, signed and sketched on if you opted for that.  This offer will continue through May, and then these won't be avialable any longer.   All proceeds go to pay for my wedding on May 12th, which I still really need to raise some more money for.


And in case you didn't see it yet… the first Axe Cop Animated series trailer is here!




Read the previous blog for more info on this clip and some tidbits about what you are seeing and hearing.  Pretty exciting!



Animated Series Trailer!

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Last night at Wonder Con I was on a panel with other ADHD folk and we premiered a trailer for an episode of Axe Cop titled Zombie Island.  Shortly after it was posted on YouTube, and here it is:


This is definitely exciting for me to finally be seeing the finished animation and to see the reaction online and from the crowd.
A few details and fun facts for true Axe Cop fans about what you see in this clip:
-That is Malachai narrating at the beginning.  When we recorded him, he wasn't quite nailing his lines. I told Nick to put some aviators on him and he nailed his lines once we did that. 
-There is a “Highest Jump” award on the wall in Axe Cop's office.
-The episode previewed here is called “Zombie Island” and it is basically a few pieces of the Ultimate Battle made into a story that is mostly about Dr. Doo, his zombie army and his evil plan to marry the Queen of England.  We decided to save Lobster Man and Hasta Mia for another episode, since these are only 11 minutes long.
-Originally the Zombie Island was just a normal island, until Malachai visited the studio and we told him about it and he said “oh yeah. Zombie Island is in space”.  Nick Weidenfeld immediately told the crew to rework the episode that was already in production to make sure that Zombie Island is in space, because that's awesome.
-The voice of Dr. Doo Doo and Hitler are voiced by the amazing and talented British comedian Peter Serafinowicz.  Flute Cop is voiced by Ken Marino.  Both hit it out of the park.  Both had also been long time fans of Axe Cop and very supportive long before the show began production.
-We consulted with Malachai on this episode quite a bit.  One of the things we called him about was the origin story we came up with for Dr. Doo Doo.  We told him the first part of it, then he stopped us and told us where it should go from there.  It turned out to be the same thing we had written.  It was a nice reassurance we were learning to think like him.
That's all for now.  I hope you guys are as excited for this as I am!

Wonder Con Panel!

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Any kid who attends First Baptist Church is a little diappointed when they find out it is not actually the first one.  Malachai attend such a church, so it made sense to him that his character would start a first Laptist church, because it really would be the first.

I will be at Wonder Con on Saturday at the ADHD panel.  I wish I could afford to exhibit but I have neither the time nor money right now.  The panel is about ADHD, Fox's new block of late night animation with Axe Cop as it's flagship show.  I don't know what they plan to show or talk about, but I will be there.  Here is the info:


Nick Weidenfeld, head of FOX's all-new Saturday late-night programming block, Animation Domination High-Def, will preview an exclusive first look at these exciting new alternative animated series including Axe Cop and High School USA! Joining the panel Q&A will be ADHD creative director Ben Jones, Ethan Nicolle, co-creator of the hitAxe Cop graphic novel and Axe Cop executive producersMatt Silverstein and Dave Jeser (Drawn Together).
Saturday March 30, 2013 5:30pm – 6:30pm 
Room 300DE


Hope to see you there!



Love Triangle

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You know Malachai is getting older when he unintentionally works a love triangle into his story.  I actually moved all my stuff, my entire office, between last episode and this one.  I am amazed that I am keeping up, though I know my colorists on both of my web comics know I am getting close running out of pages on both (this and Bearmageddon).  I have done a little more plugging away at the Axe Cop print as well.  If you want to order this print just go to the wedding site and order anything from the registry that includes the exclusive screen print.



That's all for now.  Would you like to do an Axe COp guest episode?  Let me know.  I could use some content during this hectic period of my life and it will help to promote your work to this audience.  



Good Wives

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I'm excited to marry my own good wife.  I am still trying to raise the money for that wedding.  The exclusive screen print is still being worked on, and you can follow it's progress over at www.axecopwedding.com.


Also, I am doing a team-up piece with Doug TenNapel, creator of Earthworm Jim and good friend (he's going to be my best man).  He is doing this as a favor to me.  He started this piece and I will finish it. It will be the first time we have ever teamed up on a piece of art… I'll draw Axe Cop in where he is penciled here and we will draw Axe Cop and Earthworm Jim on a team.  We will auction off the original piece and proceeds will go to help fund my wedding. 


Also, RUGBURN is back with the new MOON WARRIORS story.  Check it out below.  I did the voice of the Vampire Man Baby Kid, and the Moon Warriors are voiced by famous YouTube dudes Ed Skudder (Dick Figures) and Shane Dawson.



Well i am in the middle of moving and my computer will be torn down today along with my whole office.  I am going to try to get some guest episodes lined up for next week.  If you would be interested in contributing guest episodes, please contact me.  I will definitely need them in May when the wedding and honeymoon will be.  Until then i am going to do my best to keep posting new pages every tuesday and friday as often as possible amidst the chaos of the next 50 days.