Carnivorous Sheep Burgers (Songster LAST PAGE!)

And that is that! Thanks for following along on the adventures of Axe Cop versus the Songster. It was fun to revisit Axe Cop with Malachai a bit older and partnering with Parry Gripp was a privilege. We are going to come up with a cool package to sell this story and music as one item for those interested, I’ll post it on the blog here when it comes out. Thanks again to Parry for all his tunes. This was a lot of fun.

I won’t be posting new Axe Cop material for a while. Come see me over at and keep tabs on me on Patreon, Twitter and Facebook to find out when other projects are being released.



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9 thoughts on “Carnivorous Sheep Burgers (Songster LAST PAGE!)

  1. Nicely done. This was hilarious and the songs were great. That Carnivorous Sheep song got stuck in my head for days after I first heard it. The burger commercial version is hilarious–and that ending where Axe Cop reveals that the commercial was an old one and he DID chop the Songster’s head off was fantastic!

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